Computer room precision air conditioning is leaking is how to return a responsibility? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
1, a drain connection indoor machine & ZWJ; Pipes used in the condensed water discharge of indoor machine, using soft cohesive ways when linking to the indoor machine, need to clamp the card to death. If it's cohesion is not sealed, the condensed water will flow from cracks. 2, copper pipe heat preservation cotton & ZWJ; Indoor line is to use copper pipe, copper pipe in the refrigerant temperature is low. If the heat preservation cotton package is not sealed, heat preservation cotton will not good heat preservation effect, tube condensing many condensate drops down on the road. 3, machine room monitoring & ZWJ; By the front-end equipment, client/server APP, PC screen three parts. Users can through the client APP/PC after landing can view real-time running state and the related parameters of precision air conditioning, when there is a temperature and humidity air return, supply the limit failure, such as synchronous receive the alarm information, fast response. 4, condensed water drainage & ZWJ; Indoor machine of condensate drain is blocked will cause the poor drainage of condensate, and at the same time also on indoor machine water pans. In the water dish full of water will overflow, until moistened the ceiling. 5, the body installation & ZWJ; First check to see if the body equipment specification, if vents around the connection is not smooth, not sealed, there is easy to drop. If the outlet is lower than indoor machine tank location, but due to the pressure of the drainage tube can't discharge of the water in the tank, it will lead to flow to the indoor, resulting in the indoor machine outlet slack phenomenon. 6, air conditioning use & ZWJ; For the use of improper, also can appear leaking problem. If placed at the bottom of the indoor or outdoor drains water container, the water container of water mouth, often make the pipe under the action of atmospheric pressure, drain water will gradually to the interior of tank full mouth, until you appear slack phenomenon.
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