Computer room precision air conditioning humidification solution - and the reason of fault alarm

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
A humidifier, the cause of the fault alarm: 1, external water supply water pressure, water inflow is not enough, humidification intraday low; 2, humidification water electromagnetic valve action is ineffective, electromagnetic valve blockage or poor water; 3, a drain obstruction caused by water level is too high; 4, water level controller failure, cause the water level is abnormal; 5, drainage solenoid valve failure, water cannot successful eduction. 6, humidification control circuit connector is loose, poor contact; 7, add wet and heat protection device failure, cannot work within the prescribed scope ( 2 kw140℉3 kw190℉) 8, external water total valve does not open, no water supply humidifying plate or humidifying cans; 9, at the beginning of the electrode humidifier use, may be due to the water to cause a false alarm ion concentration is not enough; 10 and humidifying cans dirt is more, current value. Second, humidification fault alarm elimination method: 1, increasing inlet pipe water pressure; 2, cleaning water electromagnetic valve and the inlet pipe road; 3, cleaning the drain, and make it smooth; 4, monitor the performance of the water level controller, when necessary, to replace water level controller; 5, remove humidifying plate dirt, water out of water; 6, check the water level controller plug part is loose, tighten the foot joint; 7, observe the thermal protection work, if necessary, to replace; 8, the external water supply valve open; 9, through hole near the humidifying air volume is too big, causes the water level fluctuation, by-pass can be closed part, or use the wind cap, blocking water level control in a normal range; 10, the humidifying tank put some salt, the increase in ion concentration; 11, often clean humidifying cans, lest dirt deposition, until the replacement.
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