Computer room precision air conditioning environment can cause what problem - right

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
If the data room environment is not suitable for, will have a negative impact on data processing and storage, may make the data error in operation and outage, even make the system failure frequently and completely shut down. High and low temperature high temperature, low temperature or temperature rapid fluctuations have could damage the data processing and shut down the entire system. Temperature fluctuations may change electronic chips and other electronic and physical properties of the element is the card cause operation error or malfunction. These problems may be temporary, may last many days. Even if is a temporary problem, also may be difficult to diagnose and resolve. Computer room on the temperature, humidity and cleanliness are more strict requirements, therefore, computer room in the design of special air conditioning with traditional comfort air conditioning is a big difference, in the following aspects: little comfort air conditioning wind, the wind speed is low, only local air circulation, in the air supply direction cannot be formed in the engine room of the whole air circulation, engine cooling uneven, makes the room within the regional difference in temperature and low temperature air supply direction area, other area temperature, heating equipment due to put the position different local heat accumulation, cause damage to the equipment overheating. 2. High humidity, high humidity may cause physical deformation tape, disk, scratch, condensation rack, paper, adhesive, such as MOS circuit breakdown failure. 3. Low humidity, low humidity, not only produce electrostatic, at the same time also increased the release of electrostatic, such electrostatic discharge will lead to system instability or data error.
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