Computer room precision air conditioning and the difference between what is the difference between the common household air conditioning? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
Computer room precision air conditioning and ordinary household air conditioning embodied in many aspects: the difference between a computer room for temperature, humidity and cleanliness are more strict requirements, therefore, computer room precision air conditioning in the design and the traditional comfort air conditioning is a big difference, in the following three aspects: traditional comfort air conditioning is mainly for personnel to design, send air volume is small, supply air enthalpy difference is large, cooling and dehumidification simultaneously; Sensible heat and the telecom room accounts for over 90% of the total quantity of heat, it includes the device itself fever, lighting calorific value, through the wall, the amount of thermal conductivity of smallpox, window, floor, and the radiant heat from the sun, through the infiltration of aperture wind and air heat, etc. The calorific value of moisture content is very small, so the comfort air conditioning is bound to cause the room relative humidity is too low, and make the circuit components inside the equipment surface accumulation of static electricity, the interference discharge and damage equipment, data transmission and storage. At the same time, due to the capacity ( 40% ~ 60%) Consumption on the dehumidification, the cold makes the actual cooling equipment to reduce a lot, greatly increased the consumption of energy. Computer room precision air conditioning in design adopt strict control the evaporation pressure in the evaporator, increase air output make evaporator surface temperature is higher than the air dew point temperature and not dehumidification, all used for cooling, cooling capacity of improving the working efficiency, reduces the loss of moisture content ( Delivery, supply air enthalpy difference decreases) 。 Little comfort air conditioning wind, wind speed is low, only local air circulation, in the air supply direction cannot be formed in the engine room of the whole air circulation, engine cooling uneven, makes the room within the regional difference in temperature and low temperature air supply direction area, other area temperature, heating equipment due to put the position different local heat accumulation, cause damage to the equipment overheating. Train and computer room precision air conditioning, room ventilation rate is high ( Usually in 30 ~ 60 times per hour) , whole room can form the overall air circulation, make the all equipment inside the room can get cooling on average. Traditional comfort air conditioning, due to the air volume small, ventilation rate, less room cannot ensure there is enough air in high velocity will be back to the dust filter, and deposition inside the engine room equipment, adverse effects on the device itself. And general comfort air conditioning unit filtering performance is poor, can't meet the requirements of the purification of the computer. Using computer room precision air conditioning air output is big, good air circulation, because has the special air filter at the same time, timely and efficient filter out dust was in the air, to keep the room cleanliness.
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