Computer room precision air conditioner expansion valve adjustment should pay attention to what -

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
Water chiller thermal expansion valve adjustment, is through the regulating lever to adjust the spring pressure, also is to adjust the static assembly degree of superheat of expansion valve, adjusting lever to the precession is compression spring; Adjust lever to spin out spring to relax. Turn adjusting screw clockwise is the precession, the adjustment is to spin counterclockwise. During the operation of the refrigeration system adjustment, can be judged from evaporating pressure value of ls - expansion 14 GLS valve adjustment direction and range. Evaporating pressure is higher than the set value, namely, expansion valve flow is big, should be the appropriate small ( Turn clockwise adjust lever) ; Evaporating pressure below the set value, namely, expansion valve flow rate on the low side, should be the appropriate ( Turn adjusting screw counterclockwise) 。 Expansion valve, it can be in the compressor suction pipe with a low pressure gauge to observe inspiratory pressure ( Evaporating pressure) Changes. Chiller adjustment setting range of expansion valve, generally can be divided into two steps, began to run for the coarse adjustment, every callback can turn adjusting screw, a circle, 360℃) Or so, when the working temperature of cooling system is close to the given value and can not meet the given value, should be fine tuning, the tuning each a 1/2 - can turn adjusting screw A quarter circle ( 180° - - - - - - 90° ) 。 Due to the thermal packet transmission delay ( Thermal inertia effect) , every once, should make the system run minutes to ten minutes of the specific time should be in the size of the refrigeration system) 。 And observe the change of inspiratory pressure to determine the next direction. In a word, the adjustment of the expansion valve is a relatively detailed work, need patience of observation and analysis. Ability to do a good job of the adjustment of the expansion valve. We are in the process of the adjustment of the expansion valve, compressor should be paid attention to under different operating conditions and ambient temperatures, with different physical phenomena. As in ( High - your situation 10℃- +10℃) 、( - medium temperature condition 10℃- - - - - - - 20℃) 、( Low - 20℃- - - - - - - 45℃) Compressor evaporation pressure gauge is now under the condition of the frost on the suction pipe is not the same, in the process of debugging of the expansion valve should be adjusted according to the load of the expansion valve opening ( The size of the flow) 。 This process is the need for the accumulation of experience.
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