Computer room power supply way

by:KEBO      2020-04-27
Many computer room power supply mode. Should be according to the different equipment, different occasions, different environment and different power supply condition to establish reasonable way of power supply and distribution. All kinds of power supply mode has its own advantages, to carefully design and construction according to actual situation. Here are several common ways of power supply and distribution. Mode, direct power supply power supply is directly from the substation work well an alternating current ( Usually a 50 hz380v / 220 v) Directly to the computer equipment distribution cabinets and ancillary equipment distribution cabinets. Then, the distributed computer equipment power distribution cabinet to a variety of computer equipment; Allocated by the auxiliary equipment distribution cabinets to air conditioning, fresh air, light, electricity and other ancillary equipment. The advantage of direct power supply way is: power supply is simple, less equipment, low investment, low operation cost and convenient maintenance. Defect is: the quality of this power supply system for grid demand is high, if the quality of power grid is low, or grid load caused by large fluctuations, will directly affect the computer and ancillary equipment and reliable work. Power failure, the system will not be able to work. Look from actual power supply, the quality of the mains grid a generally difficult to satisfy the requirement of computer, especially in industrial and mining areas and other electrical equipment is more, the start and stop of large equipment all have great influence to power grid. In a one unit, if the power supply connected in a circuit, unit of the frequent use of the elevator, boiler, water pump motor start-stop, can bring a lot of to the grid. In this case, you have to make further improvement in distribution system. Here are several improved distribution system. Second, the combined power supply mode combined power supply mode is the isolation transformer. Voltage regulator and filter equipment. In the combined power supply mode, isolation transformer and low pass filter for electrical transient interference has isolation effect, voltage regulator to adjust the grid voltage fluctuation. Therefore, this kind of combined power supply mode has stabilized, isolation and transient disturbance attenuation effect. The advantage of combined power supply mode is: low cost, stable operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost. Drawback is that required power grid frequency changes in the permitted range, sudden power failure have not continued to ensure power supply ability of power grids. Three, stabilized stabilized power supply voltage stabilized power supply has two forms, namely static and rotating. 1. Static type stationary to voltage stabilized power supply according to figure 3 - in general 3 ways of power supply. Figure 3 - 3 static stability stabilized power supply diagram 2. Rotary type rotary type voltage stabilized power supply is driven by electric motor generator set. The advantages of rotary type power supply way is: power supply system has better anti-interference and regulated frequency stabilization, can satisfy the requirement of computer and its auxiliary equipment utilization. The static voltage stability when the frequency of power supply system construction by mains should be designed to send electricity all the way. Four, no electricity power supply system of power supply mode in power supply system was established in the computer room is a kind of ideal power supply way. Power supply was established two forms: one kind is a dual power supply system with U road power equipment; The other is a diesel generating set as backup power supply power supply system and UPS power supply equipment. l Dual power supply system with dual power supply and UPS power supply UPS power supply equipment of power supply system is the ideal power supply system. In the power supply system with two way power supply power supply, mainly along the road all the way from a power substation calls another as power supply, a power substation from another call. Two power substation could not have power at the same time. Two power substation switching power supply of the power outage time by UPS power supply uninterrupted power supply, UPS power supply to to make sure that the power supply (more than 5 minutes Generally speaking, there are 10 minutes of battery generation for) Time. At ordinary times will make normal floating on UPS power battery. In two-way switch power by UPS power supply will be a short period of storage battery dc to ac inverter for computer use. By diesel generators as a standby power supply power supply system of UPS power equipment above basic power supply mode, in addition to the mains is normal power supply all the way, the other all the electricity provided by the diesel generator set. Normal reaction in the lOmin boot for diesel generator, 10 - UPS power supply of power can guarantee L5min power supply. Diesel generator set for standby power outage of power supply system is shown in figure 3 - 5. Dual power supply or diesel generator set have been established as a standby power electricity power supply system, to ensure the normal computer reliable electricity, and makes the computer get a stabilized stabilized more clean and reliable power supply. This way of power supply is the ideal solution in computer room all kinds of power supply scheme. However, the cost of the former method is higher, and near the site subject to the power supply department in the computer to see if there is dual power supply system; After the kind of method is relatively easy to accept. At present, many computers are using this solution. Power supply topology structure diagram
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