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by:KEBO      2020-05-14
An unmanned duties: equipment within the room, more and more; Equipment data loaded by more and more important; Computer room equipment run 24 hours non-stop. Implementation: how to avoid loss room flooding can cause short-circuit equipment, excess humidity, corrosion, mildew service facilities; In the case of reference temperature, temperature, higher reliability of 10 degrees computer fell by 25%; Disk tape will record errors caused by the heat effect; The computer's clock frequency is reduced when temperature is too high; UPS lead-acid sealing maintenance battery service life under the condition of high temperature would drop sharply. Realize the centralized monitoring management: each unit room is more dispersed, headquarters fail to grasp the operating condition of each unit computer room; Save human resources, greatly alleviate the tense situation, provide strong support for the reform of computer maintenance; Improve the quality of maintenance, to speed up the troubleshooting, on-site alarm can reflect in a very short time to the monitoring center, snatch the first time for maintenance personnel arrived at the scene. Achieve energy management and energy conservation and emissions reduction, improve the availability of power system, reduce energy loss, power load management, to ensure that the key of energy saving operation of power system; Local energy and air conditioning system independently & other Energy conservation and emissions reduction & throughout; Functions of intelligent scheduling and management, energy-saving emission reduction effect of play to the best; Intelligence, automation, stable and reliable monitoring solution, can reduce the room under the energy equipment station maintenance frequency, reduce the number of vehicles and personnel costs, ensure energy saving operation.
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