Computer room electrical fire is how to return a responsibility? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
Computer is made up of all sorts of equipment & other Throughout the keys &; , fire is common, that is because the electric spark, arc and electrical devices such as excessive heat, can cause dangerous temperature of fire and explosion. The causes and the prophylactic measures of electric fire and explosion of: general electric spark temperature is very high, especially the arc, temperature can be as high as 6000 ℃. As a result, they can not only cause fuel combustion, and can make the metal melting, splash, a danger of fire. Edm can be divided into two categories, work sparks and accidents, runtime always hot electric equipment, electric current through a conductor to consume a certain amount of power, the size of & Delta; W = I2Rt, this part of the electricity conductor heating, temperature, the greater the resistance R in the current path, the longer the time t, the conductor of heat, the more, once they reach the dangerous temperature under certain conditions that may cause a fire. 1. Short circuit a short circuit is one of the most serious electric equipment fault state, a fire in the power grid is mostly caused by short circuit, short circuit, circuit of current increase is normal when the number of times or even dozens of times, make temperature has risen sharply, if arrive around fuel ignition temperature, can cause a fire. 2, overload overload refers to electrical equipment or wire current exceeds its rating. Overload current is added, after a long time, it could cause electrical equipment overheating. 3, poor contact with the cooling poor conductor joint poor contact, such as fixed joint connection not firm, welding, or joint surface fouling will increase the insulation resistance and lead to joint is overheating. Removable electrical connector due to vibration or due to the effect of heat, loose in the joints, can also lead to joint is overheating. In the design and installation of various electrical equipments will have certain ventilation and heat dissipation device, if these facilities fail, can also lead to overheating lines and equipment. 4, leakage of electric lines or equipment insulation damage, under certain conditions, the leakage happens, leakage current general not big, cannot make the line fuse action, so it is not easy to be found. When the leakage current is evenly distributed, fire risk is not big; But when the leakage current focused on a point, may cause serious local fever, and cause a fire. Under the condition of normal fever caused by baking and friction of fire and explosion. Lighting lamp in the condition of normal heating, is the equivalent of a fire or high temperature heat source, when its installation and use at the time, not all can cause fire, such as the incandescent light bulb surface temperature with the bulb size and manufacturer is different power difference is very big. When the 200 w bulb to paper, more than ten minutes of paper can be lit. Rotary type electrical equipment such as generators and motors, poor lubrication bearing, dry produce dry ground heating or lubrication are normal, but in high speed rotates, will cause a fire.
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