Computer room dedicated distribution cabinets overview -

by:KEBO      2020-04-27
Computer room dedicated to match the armature, is mainly refers to low-voltage distribution cabinets, in room 3 a power supply and distribution is an important device in the system. Computer room design of low voltage electric closet is correct and reasonable, distribution components contained in the performance of the good or bad, on the whole room's normal electricity plays an important role. Distribution is usually controlled by automatic switch, isolating switch, fuse, contactor, relays, electric meter, lights, buttons, switches and other electrical and mechanical components, semiconductor components, and a cabinet put oneself in another's position. In the design of power distribution cabinet, the first to examine the computer, computer auxiliary power equipment, electrical equipment standby power supply equipment and so on various aspects of the relationship between; Second to understand all kinds of load of electrical equipment, the installation position of control switch, easy to use, power distribution cabinet layout tidy, uniform; Finally, to do a good job in the room control relationship between the power distribution cabinet. A, the general requirements of power distribution cabinet (1) for machine room computer room power distribution cabinet in number, in addition to the normal distribution cabinets outside, also should add the power distribution cabinet USES. Such as: 5 UPS power input ark. (2) computer room power distribution cabinet is designed according to utility each power supply to be accurate and reliable. Different nature of the power supply should not be object into a rack control. Power distribution ark to have spare circuit, computer room equipment expansion. (3) the automatic control of distribution ark choose switch, contactor, fuse, isolating switch, such as components, reliable performance, technical indicators meet the design requirements, and can satisfy the requirement of computer equipment and auxiliary equipment. (4) in power distribution cabinet shall have the emergency switch. When there is serious accident or accidental fires in the computer room, should be able to immediately cut off the computer power supply, air conditioning power, the new chicken power supply. (5) power distribution ark should set the ammeter, voltmeter, to check that the power supply voltage, current and three phase equilibrium relationship. 6. Computer equipment control distribution cabinets should be set frequency table: UPS power supply for observation of the output frequency of the change. All landowners in power distribution cabinet power distribution lines shall set up lights, said each power on and off. Was in power distribution cabinet shall be according to the different requirements of computer equipment and auxiliary equipment, set up center line and the ground wire connection device. The center line and ground wire and power distribution ark shell insulation. Pet-name ruby distribution ark inside the bus, wiring and all kinds of cables and wires, neutral wire, ground wire, etc. , should be in accordance with national standards. And according to the regulations of the state, the color of the marks and Numbers. Attending the power distribution ark all kinds of switches. Handle, button operation, should be marked clearly, to prevent the use of wrong operation. ( 11) In power distribution cabinet LvPai made contact with copper parts, aluminum copper transition materials must be used. Such as aluminum and copper materials have some difficulties in transition, copper piece must be on the tin. ( 12) Some of the special purpose distribution cabinets, can set alarm device. ( 13) Power distribution cabinet insulation performance, GBJ232 - should comply with the national standards 1 the request, generally not be less than 0. 5 mΩ 。
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