Computer room air conditioning unit noise -

by:KEBO      2020-05-13
The noise of the engine room air conditioning unit is mainly composed of the following three aspects: 1, vibration: usually air conditioning unit in the original installation without considering damping treatment or not according to the weight of the equipment, vibration frequency and amplitude of vibration isolation design and type selection for professional, so when the equipment operation, equipment vibration through the pipes and fittings and equipment connected to the main structure framework along with all components to form sound transmission structure rigidity, the noise is low frequency, spread far, small attenuation characteristics. And through building structure, to the upstairs, downstairs and neighboring areas caused the noise pollution. 2, airborne noise: unit equipment, motor and fan fan rotation noise, mechanical noise and electromagnetic noise, air flow movement formation of the cyclonic vortex noise inside the room wall multiple reflection, reflection caused by the superposition of acoustic wave and the incident waves again the sound reverberation noise energy increase. While the current partition for lightweight wall, sound insulation effect is poorer, airborne noise through the wall to the neighboring areas caused the noise pollution. 3, in and out of the wind noise: as the cycle air conditioning unit must be the introduction of new wind, because the air dynamic noise is spread through the air, so the air conditioning unit or room into the outlet will cause the acoustic, impact on the surrounding environment. Air conditioning unit noise control scheme to design mainly from the following several aspects: first, air conditioning unit equipment, cooling water circulating pump and pipeline system reduce vibration of three, four, in and out of the wind sound room sound insulation damping treatment for air conditioning unit noise reduction is very important, must according to the weight of the equipment, the vibration frequency and amplitude of vibration isolation design and type selection for professional. Air conditioning unit noise and vibration comprehensive treatment program, according to the actual conditions and requirements, such as: equipment installation location, type of sound source, noise level and frequency, environment/environmental requirements, ventilation cooling requirements, noise reduction target, etc. , to carry out targeted technical design. Best before the equipment type selection, installation, consider noise control problems. In this way, can reduce the economic costs of noise control, construction is convenient, is helpful to achieve good effect of noise and vibration control.
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