Computer room air conditioning to want how to layout? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
1, need to check the firm and the status of the balance of the fan parts, still need to check the bearing, belts, resonance condition, etc. Fan motor, is the most important in the maintenance, need to check the belt, master-slave pulley in the same plane. 2, computer and refrigeration equipment shall be checked into the side of wind pressure, wind in computer equipment move and add, add floor cable will make the air conditioning system of air pressure is affected, cause computer and device static pressure is not up to standard. Need air duct air conditioning system of equipment protection and administrator to adjust. 3, geopolitical machine room monitoring system is a high reliability, high stability of modular intelligent environment monitoring system, the user can through the client APP/PC after landing can view real-time running state and the related parameters of precision air conditioning. When there is a temperature and humidity air return, supply the limit failure, such as synchronous receive the alarm information, fast response. 4, check every wind gate closed condition is, in the maintenance is the important link. Every wind gate without design, higher requirements for computer room, system do not for a long time operation mistakes. In order to ensure the normal operation, need for air conditioning systems manually add wind gate. 5, computer room equipment mobile devices often have, after the mobile equipment need to check the air in the room as early as possible, to see whether a airflow short circuit, still need in the condition of new equipment to check the presence of air resistance. 6, measuring temperature and humidity value, present value comparison with panel. If the difference is bigger, need for correction of temperature and humidity. If the error is too large, need to analyze specific reasons.
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