Computer room air conditioning the processing standards - of the accident

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
A, room air conditioning refrigerant leakage occurs in the treatment of 1. Immediately shut down computer room air conditioning host, close the relevant valves. 2. Strengthen the ventilation or use pipe water washing ( Don't rain on the equipment should be paid attention to) 。 3. In order to ensure safety, rescue personnel should be in pairs and wear gas-protection clothing, wearing a gas mask into the scene. 4. For different situation people take different approaches: for headache, vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus, respiration, pulse shall be immediately transferred to the well ventilated place to rest. 5. As people appear convulsion, delirious, in a coma, shall be immediately transferred to the place with fresh air, perform artificial respiration and hospital treatment. 6. Such as freon refrigerant from entering the eyes, the application of 2% boric acid and salt water repeatedly cleaning disinfection eyes and hospital treatment. 7. After exclusion of leakage source, start the computer room air conditioning, after confirm no leakage, the unit shall be put into normal operation. Second, the room air conditioning equipment room when the water disposal of 1. According to the condition of water to turn off the computer room air conditioning unit, pull down the total power switch. 2. Plug leakage water. 3. If the leakage is larger, immediate notice must be given to all equipment supervisor, at the same time try to block water. 4. After water leakage blocking, should immediately drainage; After draining water, shall be immediately to dehumidify the wet water equipment, facilities, such as with dry clean dishcloth, hot air blow dry, natural ventilation or replace related pipelines, etc. 5. Confirm the wet water has been eliminated, the insulation resistance meets the requirements, after boot commissioning. 6. If no exception occurs, it can be put into normal operation. 7. In case a fire occurs in a room air conditioning equipment room according to the fire alarm, fire emergency response operation regulation.
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