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by:KEBO      2020-05-12
As the cold source of chilled water system & other; Data center air conditioning system & throughout; , refrigeration is more efficient, less equipment more centralized, more stable operation, lower failure rate and maintenance cost, and foreign many large data centers use common chilled water air conditioning system, however there is a lot of essential data center computer room air conditioning system knowledge is you don't know, here reveal one by one to you. , condensation water are caused by air conditioning system in the condensation dripping in debugging and running for many reasons, sums up the main are: pipe installation and insulation problem, connection between pipe and pipe fittings, pipe and equipment is not tight. Have causes for leaking pipe installation is not strictly abide by the procedures of construction and the poor quality of the pipeline, pipe material, comes into play without careful inspection, system is not in accordance with the specifications for hydraulic pressure test, due to the condensate line is too long, the installation with ceiling collision or slope to ensure even condensate pipe slope dripping phenomenon, air conditioning unit condensate pipes because of no water seal ( Negative pressure) And unit air conditioning condensate cannot be ruled out, the processing solution to the problem of condensed water pipe installation construction is as far as possible will be condensed water discharge to the nearest, in order to avoid condensation water pipe down slope water or with hanging items & other; Fight throughout the &; Phenomenon; Ark condensate pipes should be set water seal negative pressure within the machine according to size, to make the condensed water discharge flow. Second, air conditioning installation problems air conditioning installation process, involve more than one professional cooperation between, often because of lack of good communication between each major cause construction inconvenience, even affect the construction period, mainly has the following several aspects: ( 1) Did not put forward air duct to civil construction requirements. Such as the ventilation shaft brick should use cement mortar plaster, guarantee the duct wall smooth and no air leakage. ( 2) Not the ventilation pipes in the place such as concrete wall, floor reserved for civil engineering major, the hole size and implementation to the civil engineering drawings, cause construction hole now, increased the unnecessary spending, even affected the structure strength, especially for large equipment hole for hoist, civil air defense project of ventilation pipe and piezometric tube reserved holes embedded work if do bad will handle hard. To solve these problems, we should strengthen the professional collaboration, at the design stage and construction stage is preventive measures are put forward, the blue prints. the design of air conditioning engineering construction, often exposed some problems, this needs us to carefully make good quality control work, to understand the design intent before air conditioning engineering construction, familiar with various professional construction drawing, preparation of construction organization chart, to seize the project of the control points, completes the control points of advance and management approaches. Three, air conditioning water circulating water system of central air conditioning water system the most key link in the construction, construction problems will directly affect the normal operation of system, central air conditioning chilled water system is the most common problem is chilled water pipe circulation system, the cause of bad circulation pipe: ( 1) Air conditioning water system pipe cleaning not clean, directly cause air conditioning water system jam. Before processing method is to strengthen the construction management, reasonable arrangement of pipeline elevation and slope, try to avoid even the appearance of airbags, at the same time the inevitable appearing airbags to set exhaust valve and exhaust pipe exports meet to benefit for the exhaust system. ( 2) Pipeline for each major pipeline crossing, no coordination to deal with in the construction, pipe network in many airbags, affect network circulation in the process of construction should be the prevention work of several aspects: first is in front of the welded steel pipe installation shall be mechanically or artificial remove dirt and rusty spot, when after the pipe inner surface is clean, the pipe mouth closed for loading. Pipeline construction in the process of not closed mouth to do temporary plugging, lest dirt to enter, pipe connection to clear in time when welding slag and linen, silk and other sundry. Network lowest place to install a larger drain valve, if the drain valve is too small, poor drainage effect, the cleaning times more; If the outlet is not the lowest, the sewage is not complete. Pipe installation should be appropriate to establish temporary flush valve, filter and bypass before connecting device, combined with the water pressure test in subsection cleaning equipment. Cleaning after the completion of the work, but also in circulating water system commissioning, the purpose is to network the dirt washing concentration to filter, and then to unpick and wash the filter to remove dirt. Four, in the design of air conditioning noise para-normal to mark the requirement for equipment noise parameters, the design adopts large air volume air conditioning unit sound insulation measures should be taken into account. Comes into play when the air conditioning equipment should be timely, the postal inspection prior to installation of big air volume air conditioning unit is best for electricity, find the noise levels should be timely replacement, return or measures to improve the sound; avoid engineering enter debug phase noise para-normal found that air conditioning unit caused by the rework. In addition, reasonable construction can significantly lower the noise.
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