Computer room air conditioning supply before the return unit - choose duct

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
Duct on the air distribution method and the comfort air conditioning air distribution methods are similar, it is necessary in accordance with the national standard 'standard of heating ventilation and air conditioning engineering planning' ( GB50019 - 2003). To design air duct, duct when the device is necessary in accordance with the national standard of the heating ventilation and air conditioning engineering construction and inspection standards '( GB50243 - 2002). Equipment and inspection. Subject to the request of technology in appropriate address open air supply outlet, make all the air conditioning air supply effect is good. Duct on supply engineering cost is higher than the cowl air supply method, device and protection are mixed and disorderly, height of machine room also has a higher request. Air supply can't be happy on hood supply air separation, air conditioning room and request all air conditioning effect uniform occasions, usually referred to choose this kind of air distribution method, planning and reasonable matching the duct and the fan, air supply can reach nearly hundred meters apart. To make duct device after the height of the room there is still a relatively appropriate, room floor headroom usually request & ge; 4m。 To satisfy the demand of the supply air duct system duct links detailed planning room situation. The supply air duct can be divided into main duct and the duct, the main duct is usually from the air conditioning unit or plenum directly, duct lead independent duct. Rooms inside the duct system appropriate chooses low speed air supply system, the main duct wind desirable 8 m/s mercy, desirable 6 duct wind speed. 5 m/s mercy, duct width and height than do not greater than 4 as far as possible. Rooms within the plenum device in the upper air conditioning, usually by air conditioning air supply outlet from below into the plenum, plenum width is greater than 2 Three times as much air conditioning air supply outlet. Plenum height is usually at the mercy of 1 m. Duct air supply outlet at the mercy of wind speed is usually 5 m/s. Based on the above data standard selection of commonly used data, planning and the duct system may have the difference. See more on the duct of air supply system there are two ways: one for each air conditioner set duct to the air supply, another is too air conditioning unit air supply to the plenum, by irfpa plenum to the duct. The second air supply method has the advantage of simple complete backup redundancy, with after a shutdown in air conditioning, the cold air conditioning unit can still remaining via plenum to the engine room each region; Disadvantage is made larger plenum demand, demand for larger space, cost is higher also. Built earlier operator room under the condition of the heat load of smaller, more choose duct air distribution method on the air supply, follow the progress of the number of servers and density, duct air supply methods on cooling efficiency is low, is not easy to adjust, after the completion of the senior noise faults. Data base of commonly used computer room air conditioning system of air distribution method is the supply air supply before return (return air, on Or side return) Methods. No matter what kind of air distribution method, equipment and related standards should be satisfied with the data base on request. The gb electronic computer places common standards '( GB2887 - 2000). And gb standard of the electronic information system room planning '( GB50174- 2008). Request as follows: base room inside to keep positive pressure ( Such as computer room and other rooms, corridors of pressure difference should not be less than 5 pa, and outdoor static pressure difference is not easy to less than 10 pa) , prevent damage of outdoor air into the, room air parameters, ensure that the room ventilation rate, ensure accurate control room air parameters. The noise of the base machine room take constraints ( Such as the sound pressure level is less than 68 db) , should choose high efficiency, low vibration, low noise, air conditioner, air supply equipment.
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