Computer room air conditioning refrigeration - not just

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
Before entering the public view in the computer room air conditioning, most of computer data centers use is a common air conditioning, even now there are still many companies use are common air conditioning rather than rooms dedicated air-conditioning. Computer room has a strict requirements for temperature and humidity, cleanliness, therefore, the equipment room dedicated air conditioning for all aspects of the need to satisfy the constant temperature and humidity and cleanliness, and it can be work all the year round, can effectively improve the reliability and service life of machine room equipment, fully satisfy the development direction of green, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving. Computer room air conditioning 1, control monitoring system mainly consists of six parts control system through the controller show that the temperature and the humidity of the air, the working state of the air conditioning unit, analyze each sensor feedback signal, work instructions for each function unit, achieve the goal of controlling air temperature, humidity. 2, the ventilation system various functions within the unit ( Refrigeration, dehumidification, heating, humidification, etc. ) To deal with air in the room, the air flow are needed to complete the exchange of heat and wet, still need to maintain a certain velocity, gas inside the room to prevent dust deposition, and will be suspended in the air dust filter to remove in time. 3, refrigeration cycle and dehumidification system using evaporation compression refrigeration cycle system, it is the use of refrigerant evaporation absorbs the latent heat of vaporization to refrigeration and air-conditioning refrigeration system of refrigerant is to implement the working medium of refrigeration cycle, the critical temperature rise as the increase of pressure, the use of this characteristic, the refrigerant gas compressor is used as the first work compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, and then sent to the condenser, cooling under high pressure, the gas will be under the high temperature heat condensed liquid, high pressure refrigerant liquid through a throttling device, the pressure drops rapidly after arrived in evaporator boiling under low pressure and temperature within. Constitute the basic refrigeration system mainly has four parts, compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve. Dehumidification system generally use of its own refrigeration cycle system, adopt under the condition of same refrigerating capacity decreases. 4, humidification system through electrode humidifying cans or infrared humidifying equipment such as the tubes, by way of heating water to form water vapor. 5, heating system to heat as a heat compensation, mostly in the form of electric heat pipe. 6, water chilling unit water ( Ethylene glycol) Condenser unit in internal circulation water cooling unit, circulating water through the heat exchanger, the refrigerant vapour condenses into liquid cooling, due to the heat capacity of the water is very big, so the condensing heat exchanger is small, can be adjusted according to the different backwater temperature pressure control the 3-way valve (pos. No. ( Or electric control valve controlling water through the heat exchanger to control the condensing pressure. Circulating water power is supplied by the pump and the heated water, there are several kinds of cooling mode is more commonly used is a cool, dry and cold the water to the airtight dry coil and cooling by fan back, work stability, high reliability, dry and cold but need to have - - - - - - A large volume of cooling coils and fan. Another is open, the cooling system of the water to the cooling water tower spray 'by return after evaporation cooling water itself, this way is always make up water for the system, and asked to soften water, dust and other debris from the air will enter the system, serious blocking pipe, influence heat transfer effect, so still need regular decontamination.
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