Computer room air conditioning maintenance personnel should know -

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
For new repair industry has just started, are you on room air conditioner refrigeration system malfunction, not easy to determine, under the share computer room air conditioning refrigeration system fault simple mouth. 1. Low pressure down high, replace the compressor. 2. Combination to the exhaust pressure, or there is something wrong with the heat dissipation. 3. Shake table system of moisture, time must be more thorough. 4. Low pressure double kui refrigerants, otherwise system have closed. The meaning of the formula 1. When the pressure gauge is detected with room air conditioning room air conditioning system of low pressure is higher than normal, and high pressure is lower than normal, this time room air conditioning refrigeration is absolutely can't achieve the result of normal room air conditioning. Control formula, generally the cause of the problem is inside the room air conditioning pump wear and tear, resulting in a decline in power. At this time often need to replace the compressor to solve the problem. 2. When detecting system are higher than normal, high and low voltage control formula, common failures are generally system with air or refrigerant add too much, this time need to pumping air into vacuum state, then add the right amount of refrigerant can solve a problem. But there is a kind of situation, is a bad heat dissipation, especially when the environment temperature is higher, often lead to worse heat dissipation, the failure reason is commonly radiator blockage, smudgy, cooling fan speed is not enough, and so on. 3. When the work room air conditioning system, whose hands kept shaking, and if the pressure water system. To solve this problem, generally need to vacuum, suction time must be not less than 15 minutes, when necessary also need to change the drying bottle, to completely discharge water in the system. 4. When both high and low voltage on the low side, there are two possible: one is the system congestion, system jams, blocked parts will produce throttle, throttle position will have obvious difference in temperature, feel with the hand will find out the problem. Another possibility is refrigerant leak, which leads to the refrigerant is not enough, this kind of situation is common, then must use computer room air conditioning detector to find out the leak site, or change or repair.
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