Computer room air conditioning is leaking reasons - and common processing method

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
Reason 1: installation problem on how to install, installation tilt is unqualified levelness of the air conditioning, because water will leak. When installation wall hole is too high, resulting in a drain raises a side position on the high side, causing drainage pipe drainage not free, make indoor machine of receiving water dish full of water, indoor machine, that may leak. Reason two: use problem using aspects, one is & lsquo; The dirty wall & rsquo; , it is not timely cleaning the dust accumulation in the plastic pipe canal, resulting in poor drainage. 2 it is drain has been moved or knot. Three is to use for a long time the drainage pipe cracking due to plastic ageing. Computer room air conditioning is leaking commonly used processing methods: according to the reasons of leaking, remind engineer in the computer room air conditioning air conditioning installation must observe whether the machine level, hole wall is higher than that of the machine. In use process, often should clean up the filter, both to avoid leakage and refrigeration efficiency can be improved. Drain and don't move, knot. Different reasons of leaking had different remedial measures. “ If is drain pipe burst, need to spend a little cost to replace a drain. If it is & lsquo; The dirty wall & rsquo; , then clean the a drain plug. On room air conditioner drain problem: a, indoor machine side ( The hanging wall, cabinet) Spend small drain slope Angle. Methods: to adjust the Angle of the drain. B, long drain water. Processing method: try to shorten the length of drain. C, a drain uneven, winding. Methods: rearranging a drain. D, a drain ( Hose) Squeezed. Methods: organize a drain ( Hose) Be squeezed. E, drainage pipe broken, cracks. Methods: replace the drain. F, drain outlet in the water. Methods: take out in the water drain. G, loose drain connection. Methods: reconnect the connector. A foreign body h, drain the dirty wall. A foreign body processing methods: drain the dirty wall. Questions about evaporator: computer room air conditioning indoor evaporator freezing, the ice caused leakage. There are three processing methods: 1, the system lack of fluorine, fluorine. 2, clean air duct system. 3, wind speed, adjust the wind speed is normal. About indoor connecting pipe: indoor air conditioning side connecting pipe insulation outside have produced condensate beads, form a drop of water. There are three processing methods: 1, insulation material adverse ( Sponge foam density is not enough, the material is too thin) Or to replace the insulation materials, extra thick insulation. 2, set temperature is too low, the wind speed is too low, make its smaller indoor machine heat transfer capability, muffler temperature is too low, indoor temperature, humidity is big, long non-stop running, the appropriate adjustment can improve the above factors. 3, a drain on the surface of cold, causing condensation water, can be combined with thermal insulation layer. On indoor machine leakage problem: processing method: drainage installation Angle to deal with bad, will not drain pipe bend is less than or close to 90 degrees, also cannot bend too much, a drain use PVC pipe material; Embedded within the machine installation does not level, to adjust the indoor machine level.
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