Computer room air conditioning humidification to check? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-13
1, check the water and drainage operation of solenoid valve. When humidifying system, under normal operation in air conditioning systems, water supply and water supply, after the water supply, humidifying cans not normal to the water. Can open the water inlet, exhaust air, also can turn off the humidification system of power supply, to solenoid valve to deal with this problem. 2, check the water leakage detector, if drainage unobstructed will not appear slack, and if the water leakage detector is not normal, will be easy to chaos. Water leakage detector is option, and if the air conditioning system has not been equipped with a leakage detector, we have to pay more attention to monitoring drainage unobstructed, still need to make room for the protection of the waterproof wall. 3, geopolitical precision machine room monitoring system is composed of front-end equipment, client/server APP, PC screen end three parts, the user can through the client APP/PC after landing can view real-time running state and the related parameters of precision air conditioning. When there is a temperature and humidity air return, supply the limit failure, such as synchronous receive the alarm information, fast response. 4, check the steam pipe, to ensure that steam humidification system can normal humidification for computer equipment. 5, in the flat protection operation, need to check the humidifying tank presence of sediment, if you have any needs in real time to wash. Due to air conditioning humidifying cans is electrode type, if too much sediment don't wash, it is easy on the electrode fouling, causing humidifying cans of utilizing life be affected. 6, check humidifying cans drainage unobstructed, helps in the drainage and humidifying cans complete overhaul running smoothly.
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