Computer room air conditioning freezing analysis - seven reasons

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
Computer room air conditioning fission machine evaporator freezing troubleshooting small in indoor machine evaporator freezing phenomena are common air conditioner in summer, why will freeze and how to eliminate? Now the points above are as follows: the first reason for refrigerant, fission air conditioner due to installation or use for a long time, there will be a refrigerant leakage or leakage. , after the refrigerant in the refrigeration system to reduce the evaporation pressure is too low, lead to the evaporator freezing, freezing the position of the general parts in front of the evaporator. Elimination method is to deal with leak first, add refrigerant, failure will be ruled out. The second reason for the compressor efficiency is low, the compressor fault long using time, compressor compression efficiency is reduced, or damage to the compressor distribution system pressure is too low and freeze. Ice position also in front of the evaporator section, the addition of some refrigerants, fault can be ruled out. If the fault is still, must replace the compressor. The third reason for computer room air conditioning refrigerant, some air conditioner due to reasons such as shift, leak to the refrigerant. Maintenance personnel more improper operation to add refrigerant, resulting in too much refrigerant flow into the evaporator section after evaporation and freezing. This kind of ice multi-junction around the part after the evaporator and the compressor muffler. Put off excess refrigerants, fault eliminated. A fourth reason for heat exchanger is dirty, evaporator dirty air conditioner use after a period of time, the dust in the air or the evaporator of microbes will accumulate on the evaporator, hinder the air circulation, resulting in a decrease of heat exchange, the evaporator temperature is too low and freeze. The location of ice after the evaporator section. After waiting for ice to melt, flush with water evaporator, brush with a soft brush along the finned, attention must not wet electric parts. After clean, fault eliminated. Fifth cause adverse temperature probe or improper temperature sensor installation position and temperature control failure mechanical thermostat heat pack gas pressure changes with the temperature, lead the thermostat contacts. Caused by a lack of contact adhesion, spring force causes such as contact normally closed, air conditioner for boot, caused by ice. Replacement of the thermostat, troubleshooting. There are special circumstances, the thermostat was not damaged and short downtime or non-stop air conditioner. Due to the thermal bag is hung with u-shaped plastic frame is put aside in the middle of the evaporator into 2 mm from the wing. Manufacturers estimate this design aims to make the thermostat heat temperature delay effect, prevent air conditioning (short time 3 minutes) Frequent startup. Midsummer season, the indoor temperature is high, and the limitations of refrigeration and air conditioning itself, the thermostat is difficult to achieve temperature control breakpoints, air conditioner down time is short, continuous boot, even cause ice. This kind of ice multi-junction under the evaporator section. This kind of circumstance should be moved to the evaporator thermal bag bottom, and close to the evaporator finned fixed well, the fault is excluded. 6 kinds of reasons within the room air conditioning machine air volume is small, small air volume air conditioner use after a period of time, some of the fan blades with many engine-grease scale, affect air supply, causing the evaporator to freeze. Remove scale engine-grease, troubleshooting. Also some fan speed slow down due to mechanical, electrical fault, air volume is small, cause freezes evaporator. Mechanical reasons for bearings, bearing wear, resistance increases, the speed slow down. Electrical failure for capacitor charging and discharging more or fan turn-to-turn short circuit, speed slow, even winding burned fan, motor does not turn. The icing phenomenon shall repair or replace the fan according to specific situation. 7 kinds of cause temperature is set too low, some users set the air-conditioner temperature is too low, the refrigerating capacity can't keep up with the air conditioner, room temperature drop less than set temperature and long time to boot up, or down time is very short, can cause the evaporator to freeze. Some room temperature drop too low, also can cause the evaporator temperature is too low to freeze. Such ice is much from evaporator under part. As long as the temperature is set higher, the fault can be ruled out.
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