Computer room air conditioning energy conservation technologies have? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
1. New wind energy saving technology of new wind energy saving technology is applied more energy-saving method, some operators there have been many cases of the adoption of new wind energy conservation success stories. This technique mainly through introducing outdoor temperature is lower in the engine room of natural wind to take away the room heat, so as to realize the purpose of energy saving. Implementation method of this scheme is simple, especially in the north of the big temperature difference between indoor and outdoor area energy saving effect is obvious, and can automatically by the indoor and outdoor air temperature sensor to collect start-stop control fresh air system. But the scheme need to change the original structure, introducing indoor air fresh air system cleanliness is a key issue. There are a lot of manufacturers to provide fresh air systems claim to cleanliness was found in the actual application is generally difficult to achieve. 2. Variable frequency energy saving by computer room air conditioning increased frequency converter to change the compressor power supply frequency compressor speed regulation method, through the rotational speed of compressor speed to achieve the purpose of control room temperature. Through the inverter air conditioner in every time to start, start with maximum power, maximum air volume in heating or cooling, fast approaching the set temperature, the compressor is in the condition of low speed, low energy consumption, with only the power needed to maintain the set temperature. This method not only temperature stability, and can also avoid due to frequent compressor start-stop of life caused by the attenuation, and power consumption greatly reduced so as to realize the high efficiency and energy saving. But the main problem with this approach is the inverter itself is a harmonic source, he in the implementation of frequency conversion control at the same time also can bring certain harmonic influence to power grid. And room air conditioning power generally larger, so many sets of inverter power supply system of computer room work brings pollution to be reckoned with, corresponding treatment measures must be taken. 3. Adaptive control rooms dedicated air-conditioning energy saving technology at present of the machine return air mouth widely used rooms dedicated air-conditioning sensors of temperature and humidity value as the data sampling reference points, but its limitation is unable to realize the whole computer room plane of real environment temperature and humidity monitoring data. How to control room air conditioning air flow was optimized, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving is we need to consider the problem.
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