Computer room air conditioning dry, full liquid type and the falling film evaporator difference -

by:KEBO      2020-05-13
As is known to all, the four parts of refrigeration system are respectively, compressor, evaporator, condenser and throttling device. It, as the air conditioning system of the compressor of the heart, the type and characteristics compared with other three parts are well known. In addition, the evaporator is another key component, about the types and characteristics of evaporator, do you understand? Today is to break down the dry, full liquid type and working principle of falling film evaporator. Dry evaporator dry evaporator refrigerant through within the heat exchange tube, cold water in high efficiency heat exchange tube outside run, relatively low thermal efficiency of heat exchanger, the heat transfer coefficient is only light tube heat transfer coefficient of 2 times, but its advantage is convenient for oil return, control is relatively simple, and the refrigerant filling quantity is about full liquid type filling quantity about 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the unit. Full liquid type evaporator full liquid type evaporator and dry evaporator operation mode, to the contrary, within the heat exchange tube with cold water, refrigerant heat exchange tube completely submerged, endothermic outside in the heat exchange tube after evaporation. Filled with liquid evaporator there are many needle holes on the surface of the pipe, tube and spiral bulge on the surface strengthening cold water side heat transfer. This at the same time, strengthen the outside tube boiling and the efficient transfer of heat transfer inside tube, the heat transfer coefficient of the light pipe by about five times. Falling film evaporator falling film evaporator, also known as spray type evaporator, the heat exchanger and filled with liquid evaporator are similar, but it also has difference with full liquid type evaporator. Such as refrigerant in the evaporator from upper spray on the heat exchange tube heat exchanger, refrigerant is just on the heat exchange tube form a thin layer of cooling liquid membrane, such cold agent in boiling evaporation when it reduced the static pressure of liquid level, thus improves the thermal efficiency change, its thermal efficiency in the full hydraulic turbine raised five or so.
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