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by:KEBO      2020-04-16
Any work environment, the most common power supply there are many problems of power protection method. You can from different levels and a variety of power protection device in the choice of the prices are different, the power supply protection device to protect the threat of data and high-end equipment with power supply problem. Usually there are three types of UPS: level of level 3, level 5 and 9. To choose to suit your UPS, must first decide the need to protect the power level. Obvious, the most ideal method is through the UPS protection level 9, it for all of the power supply problem, provide a complete power protection. But it may be the application of the power quality is very high, very high load or not, or budget about forcing a compromise solution. Therefore, not all can choose level 9 of UPS. Level 3 UPS technology level 3 is spare UPS or online design, interruption of power supply and power surge, power sag, provide a solution of low price. On normal operation of the q provide municipal power supply. Municipal voltage and frequency variation can't through the UPS to adjust level 3, the change of the voltage and frequency will be through the equipment. When the voltage and frequency variation becomes too serious, level 3 UPS inverter converts dc battery power into ac power to run the equipment. Level 3 UPS provide protection can make the operation is not affected by the power of the simple question. How do you know if you have a level 3 UPS? Model does not provide a & other; Pure sine wave & throughout; , it is a to & other; Sine waveform of gradual & throughout; 。 Running time is usually limited by internal battery ( In most cases, 3 - full run 8 minutes) 。 In most cases, the conversion to battery, there is a 3 - 5 millisecond delay. Price according to different brand, is generally 50 - 300 dollars. The scope of rated capacity usually is 350 - 15OOVA。 A level 3 UPS is typical applications? The most common use is home PC, workstations and other high-end devices. Level 5 UPS technology level 5 UPS online interactive technology, and provide a median price of basic power protection. Level 5 UPS except provided protection in the power supply disruptions in the electric power sag and unstable power supply, also provide protection, prevent under-voltage and over-voltage. This design is: before the municipal voltage through your electronic system, up or down & quot; Impact & quot; Municipal voltage, low voltage adjustment. During the UPS voltage change, level 5 used batteries to adjust. Although level 5 UPS UPS offers more than level 3 voltage adjustment, but the battery life often is a problem. During the peak in the lights and electric power transformation and transformation to the battery level 5 times more than the level 9 times almost 10 to 1. How do you know if you have a level 5 UPS? The most common used to describe a level 5 UPS technology is & quot; Online interactive & quot; Or & quot; Agile UPS" 。 Some manufacturers can be term & quot; Agile UPS" For their online interactive ( Level 5) And online ( Level 9) The UPS. Indeed, most model provide the & quot; The pure sine wave & quot; The output. Some patterns may be through the use of extra battery, provide extend running time. The price according to different brand, usually is 150 - 5000 dollars. The scope of rated capacity usually is 500 - 5000VA。 A level 5 UPS is typical applications? The most common use is home PC and power of workstations, lack of environment power good some servers in the environment, the high-end servers and devices. Level 9 UPS technology level 9 of the UPS is designed to provide a complete power protection. These online UPS can provide protection for all types of power supply problems. Their continuous use inverter, produce 100% new, clean, rules of alternating current. When using a double conversion on-line UPS power supply, the equipment will be free from all types of power supply. Level 9 of UPS equipment away from harmonic distortion. In the main computer manufacturer's instructions and installation guide demands must meet 5% of the largest harmonic of high-end applications, strongly recommended level 9 of UPS. When you decide to buy the level 9 UPS, battery saving is a basic problem. Level 9 UPS than any other UPS technology USES fewer batteries, increase your UPS battery life. How do you know if you have a level 9 of UPS? The most common terms used to describe the level of 9 UPS is & quot; Online & quot; ,“; Double conversion & quot; Or & quot; Agile UPS" 。 Some manufacturers may use the term agile UPS, said the online interactive and online UPS. Indeed, most model provide the & quot; The pure sine wave & quot; The output. Most patterns through the use of additional battery pack, provide extend running time. In all cases, power failure will not occur. Price according to different brands, single UPS usually is 500 - 30000 dollars. The rated capacity of a UPS usually range is 500 - 2OKVA。 Three UPS nominal capacity is usually range from oova to 10 k - 200 5OOKVA。 A level 9 UPS is typical applications? The most common use is high-end applications, such as: server and other expensive equipment.
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