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by:KEBO      2020-04-26
1, according to the area of room of calorific value of equipment, equipment room, computer room conditions, Outdoor parts including the height, sealing, decoration, installation location, etc. ) , local climate conditions, such as total estimate the room air conditioning refrigerating capacity, total air volume, and parameters such as moisture content, and then select the right equipment capacity ( Consider a certain equipment backup) 。 2, according to the overall structure of the whole building choose the right means of air conditioning cooling ( Air-cooled, water-cooled, double cold source, etc. ) 。 3, combined with the structural characteristics of computer room and user requirements, reasonably choose the way. Precision air conditioning air distribution form is giving more next time and send back to type. When choosing the air supply equipment, electrostatic floor as air conditioning under static pressure box, in order to ensure the supply air flow must ensure that the height of 300 ㎜ electrostatic floor. Use the air supply equipment, can choose cowl air supply way, in general the static height in the 2 empty rooms. More than 8 meters, and the area of the room can't too much, can appear otherwise supply uneven phenomenon. 4, energy saving should consider when selection and operation cost in the future. From energy saving point of view, appropriate chooses double air conditioning cold source type, this is a kind of energy-saving air conditioning, energy saving electric power resources than simple with capacity of electric refrigeration and air conditioning energy saving over 40%. 5, with precision air conditioning purification system to consider closed pressure requirements. Precision air conditioning but no need purification system of air conditioning closed pressure requirements is not high, mainly overcome back to the wind pipe, valve, diffuser, early efficient filter, etc. Is another constant temperature and humidity requirements, but need to purify the level control system of air conditioning unit closed to pressure the demand is higher, general system total resistance in the pa - 1100 1400 pa, mainly overcome back to the wind pipe, valve, diffuser, early efficient filter, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filter, such as resistance, selection need to be considered when the closed pressure requirements.
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