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by:KEBO      2020-03-29
< p > recently, KEBO company released a statement, said its become one of 2018 China unicom UPS power frequency equipment qualified suppliers. Recently, a large number of procurement of UPS equipment China unicom what's the big action? < / p > < p > announcement, according to China unicom in recently in its procurement and bidding network released the '2018 China unicom recruiting results published' power frequency UPS equipment open market, the public, according to one of the shenzhen KEBO qualified supplier for this project. < / p > < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p > < p > the data shows, KEBO is a national high-tech enterprise, founded in 1993, mainly engaged in UPS uninterruptible power supply, inverter power supply, computer integration research and development, manufacturing and sales. Its an average of 15% in UPS power supply market share in recent years. < / p > < p > notable is that the become China unicom UPS supplier and easy, the company not long ago, China unicom has just published the UPS equipment in the result of the candidate winning bidders are mainly, easy, KEBO, accused of strapdown first, etc. < / p > < p > it is reported that China unicom - 2017 UPS equipment in 2018 up to 2263 sets, the budget is as high as 2. 3. 8 billion yuan. Whether such a large purchase uninterruptible power supply equipment, associated with the 5 g network of China unicom to layout, or with the start of this year 'games' of science and technology project about 5 g? The answer is obvious. < / p > < p > < / p >
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