Check and solutions - UPS power failure

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
1, load disconnect first, then can check UPS uninterruptible power supply switch. Can switch, load is too big or load have short circuit phenomenon of equipment, and trouble-free UPS uninterruptible power supply itself; Cannot switch, check the switch of UPS uninterruptible power supply is normal, abnormal change switch, such as normal, explain the secondary circuit failure, replacement. 2, check the coma now bypass on inverter circuit does not work at work, but by using the bypass circuit power directly for power supply equipment; UPS can work normally, but the battery life has to or owe maintenance cannot be normal inverter, battery should be replaced. 3, inverter battery work, need to repair or replacement; Battery life has been to, also need to change can't meet the design requirements. 4, metal wires connecting battery contact unreliable, downs, replaceable wire or metal connectors. 5, the environment temperature is normal, equipment temperature is too high; The integrated plate after cleaning treatment are normal, it is caused by poor ventilation. Can keep ventilated, maintain clean sanitation and equipment.
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