- charging rack mount ups power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-17
As department stores, supermarkets, Banks, backup storage power of base station and other large companies have detached position of priority, in addition to protect equipment from the power of function, also act as role of the regulator. So the UPS uninterruptible power supply to make our work and daily life well well organized. Is important, but often neglected, rack mount UPS power is believed to be free protection, and not paying attention, thus reducing the use of the rack mount UPS stature. 1, rack mount UPS ventilation should be paid attention to the use of the environment, good for heat dissipation, and stick to the environment clean. 2, the battery using the environment temperature between 0 to 40 degrees, avoid direct sunlight and stick to clean. 3, normal, battery every 3 - Charge and discharge time, 6 months after discharge standard machine charging time should not less than 10 hours. 4, rack mount UPS power sit idle for a long time, the proper discharge, help cell activation, such as long-term continuous mains, every three months may be broken mains with UPS on load discharge time, so that can extend the battery using life spans. Rack mount UPS on the function of its comfortable and excellent skills won the common customers professional, rack mount UPS save area, space; Easy installation, use and protection; Short power connecting cable, high reliability; Combining static switch ( STS) The high reliability of power supply system become the main benefits of rack mount UPS.
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