Cabinets - intelligent integration

by:KEBO      2020-05-16
Integrated cabinet will be deep integration, data center infrastructure products include UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, multiple subsystems such as fire, by monitoring the system management of all system implementation plan as a whole, simplify the design and construction process. Reliable UPS power distribution system, and constantly is the escort IT equipment, equipped with precision refrigeration system at the same time, to ensure IT equipment operating environment, tie-in ring working status monitoring and control system for real-time monitoring equipment. Integration cabinet adopt fully sealed design, can be used in a variety of indoor environment, bad set without the need for a separate room. With rich experience and technology in the data center industry precipitation, releasing machine cabinet in the micro data center solution, the overall transition of micro data center infrastructure, the depth of the integration of UPS power supply, power distribution, refrigeration, entrance guard, lighting, lightning protection, monitoring, cabinet, wiring, fire fighting, emergency ventilation system as a whole to provide safe and reliable operation support for IT equipment, one-stop deployment and operational management for data center, build machine cabinet integration micro data centers. Applications: outlets ( Telecommunications, radio and television, financial, energy, and retail. 。 。 。 。 。 ) , small business, large enterprises, government, education, medical branch, edge of cloud computing data center, customer value ( Product advantage) Products: 1, the simpler integration depth integration, factory pre verification test in site construction more standard, safe and reliable; Fully sealed design to eliminate the air outside the dust and corrosive gas to the harm of IT equipment; Ring monitoring system comprehensive monitoring infrastructure, abnormal situation timely alarm, safe. 2, save time transition design for IC how cabinet intelligence data center to complete the installation on site one day delivery, compared to 2 times quicker than the traditional construction mode. 3, covers an area of less cost minimum only 0. 7 m2, enclosed design, environmental adaptability is strong, do not need to decorate, the floor and other supporting projects, effectively reduce the CAPEX, fully enclosed refrigeration and improve the machine efficiency, reduce the OPEX, make the total cost of ownership TCO dropped significantly. 4, better management one-stop service can process all kinds of equipment failure problems in a timely manner, to save time worry; Standard ring monitoring system, it can be local, remote monitoring and management, but also more network access to the upper management platform, unified regulation, diversified choose to support. 5, integration integration cabinets integrate the UPS power supply, power distribution, refrigeration, entrance guard, cabinets, lighting, fire protection, ring monitoring, emergency ventilation systems, implementation of all subsystems by monitoring system as a whole management, make the integration products, simplify the design, procurement, construction process. 6, high availability, reliability of UPS power supply distribution system, uninterrupted escort for IT equipment, can customize the higher reliability of system architecture ( UPS redundant backup) 7, meet the needs of different users, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection to save room area: the integration of design, than traditional room save more than 40% of the area to save investment, fully enclosed design, can be installed in various environments ( Computer room, utility room, corridor, etc. ) , no specialized in computer room construction and facilities to save time: the integration of design, installation time only need 1 day, large-scale deployment, greatly shorten the construction period. Efficient energy conservation and environmental protection: high frequency model of UPS power supply, the machine efficiency reached 93%. Full close enclosure cold hot channel design, than traditional room cooling energy saving more than 30%, the PUE value to 1. 5 below. 8, simplify operations ring monitoring system to monitor the running status of comprehensive product to provide alarm and various reports, unattended, through the network to realize remote operations management, centralized management system can be incorporated into the upper operations center. Transport castor machine cabinet body, let the data center can move, move, very convenient. All USES the modular design, after-sales service one-stop, a quick fix. 9, flexible capacity expansion: by increasing the number of cabinet with air conditioning, UPS module, realize flexible redundant capacity, provide more IT equipment use space. Conclusion: with the continuous development of technology and economy, the integration of cabinet more and more become a kind of trend, towards mainstream cabinet room slowly.
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