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by:KEBO      2020-04-29
Series everyone not unfamiliar, certainly in the connected in series, Increase the voltage) First the positive terminal of the battery is connected to the negative terminal of battery and battery connection and so on. Theory can be used in parallel, but due to factors such as individual difference, use fixed number of year, causes between the battery is not easy to balance, thereby affect the life. And, if you use a battery monomer in short circuit fault, will quickly burn external connection wire, pile, even fire and explosion. Therefore, in actual U in parallel way is not recommended. Normal cycles of 500 ~ 1000 times. The quality of the charger to try to choose good, had better choose discharge function. At the same time, the use should be timely when found the lack of electricity charge, and adequate electricity, do not be depth also reuse after discharge. The environment temperature down to about 5 & deg; After, the discharge capacity would decline, including when charging will also have certain requirements for temperature. Connection is reliable, strong, corresponding to the thickness, right between these are need to pay attention to pay attention to the heat dissipation. Do not use different brand, different capacity or mix of old and new use, choose consistent battery performance. When the battery power is insufficient, replace all batteries. In series, want to use the same type of battery. To pay attention to the polarity of battery, if there is a section of the battery the wrong polarity, will reduce the whole bunch of battery voltage, rather than increasing voltage. If the different capacity or mix of old and new use, possible leakage, the phenomenon such as zero voltage. This is because in the process of charging, charging capacity differences lead to some battery overcharge, some of the battery is not full of electricity, high capacity of the battery discharge power, not put up the low capacity is put. A vicious cycle, cell damage and leakage or low ( Zero) Voltage. Generally series-parallel battery using the need for core matching, matching the criteria: battery core voltage difference & le; 10 mv, core internal resistance is poor & le; 5 mΩ Capacity is poor, core & le; 20mA。 First the positive terminal of the battery in series connection is connected to the second battery negative terminal, and so on for battery connection. Connected resistance and the length of the cable must be equal, to ensure load balancing. Will all the batteries in series to receive the same amount of charging current, while the single battery voltage may be different. Connecting in series of high voltage should be limited to 6 v or 12 v battery, a single constant voltage charger is jumper in the entire string. Energy storage may result in some differences between battery overcharge, while others are still not ready, resulting in premature aging battery. Therefore, it is not desirable, cells mixed with different energy storage batteries, together.
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