Battery maintenance should pay attention to what matters - testing

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
( 1) In the configuration, electrolyte should be slow sulfate injection in distilled water, stirring constantly with a glass rod at the same time, in order to mix, cooling rapidly, it is forbidden to pump water in sulfuric acid, lest produce intense heat and explosion. ( 2) Regular cleaning, cleaning work in it is strictly prohibited to spilled the water into the battery. ( 3) Maintenance personnel should wear protective glasses, avoid acid splash into eye. ( 4) Body and clothes to make maintenance personnel are not electrolyte burns and damage, protection measures should be taken, if any electrolyte touchs the skin or the clothes, use 5% soda water scrubbing, immediately wash with water. ( 5) Indoor ban on fireworks, especially in charging status may not use any fireworks or equipment can produce sparks into indoor, rechargeable electric heating should be disabled when on a regular basis. ( 6) Room doors and Windows should be tight, prevent the dust into the inside, keep clean, dry, well ventilated, do not make direct solar battery. ( 7) Maintenance, to prevent to get an electric shock, short circuit or open circuit, battery should often use insulated tools when cleaning.
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