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by:KEBO      2020-04-28
Battery in the prescribed conditions ( Including the intensity of discharge termination voltage, discharge current and discharge) Sent out how much electricity or discharge duration called battery capacity. From the life practice, we can find that both start metal battery or energy storage type, as long as use for a long time, no matter how long it will take charge of electricity, power seems to be finished soon. This is what we call the capacity of the lower. Positive plate are the main factors affecting the service life of the battery. The capacity of the charge and discharge cycle, especially under the deep cycle of capacity decline is closely related to the positive plate quality deviation. Board gate corrosion speed depends on board the composition of grid alloy, but the higher the storage temperature, the faster the corrosion, the deeper the depth of discharge, the more serious corrosion. The aging, the battery can't charge electricity. In normal work, small PbSO4 particles on negative plate, discharge is very easy to recover for velvet lead, but sometimes generated inside the battery is difficult to restore the lead sulfate, known as the sulfuric acid salinization. Negative salinization caused many reasons, such as not charging in time after discharge, the battery on hold for a long time, cause serious self-discharge, electrolyte concentration is too high, long-term undercharge, long-term discharge under high temperature, this kind of lead sulfate with conventional methods, it is difficult to restore, such active substances of reduce is bound to affect the capacity of lead-acid battery. Generally refers to the capacity of 25 ℃ to 10 hours can release capacity and rate of discharge for single discharge temperature rise will increase the discharge capacity, temperature drop will reduce the discharge capacity. But for use for a long time, the temperature will shorten the battery life, and can prolong the service life of the battery at low temperature, this is mainly caused by working principle. Frequent power outages, the base station power outage time is long, irregular power outage time, make the charge and discharge frequently, according to the manufacturer to the base station scrap battery anatomy, the cause of termination of life lies in the negative plate of the sulfuric acid salinization, this is an early failure capacity ( PCL) A typical phenomenon.
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