Battery calculation method

by:KEBO      2020-04-27
The battery discharge efficiency is 0. 6 0. 7 0. 8 0. 9 1 40 kvaups, such as a dc voltage is 384 v, 32 each group of 12 v batteries, if backup time for 2 hours, calculation of battery capacity: 40000 va * 2 h/( 0. 7*384V) = 297 ah so select three groups of 100 ah battery, a total of 96 knots. Current of the battery pack is 40 kva = 104 a / 384 v, so the battery attachment choose 50 was cable. The total number of cells = ( Dc voltage power / * h) / each Ann * blocks in each group of power for the UPS power, dc voltage of the requirements of the UPS battery power substation voltage and different power UPS dc voltage is different, each group of blocks for the minimum required battery blocks, the general configuration of batteries, must blocks for each group of integer times, common UPS dc voltage and every set of blocks as follows ( Each battery to 12 v for calculating basis) : for example, configure a k8 5 hours delay of UPS, its power is 5000, dc voltage is 96 v, each group of 8 batteries, configuration of 100 ah battery, the total number of batteries needed for: ( 5000/96 * 8) / 100 * 8 = 32 pieces. According to the principle of conservation of energy, the battery configuration according to the following formula: C = ( PL× T) / ( Vbat * η × K) Among them: capacity, Ah) PL - UPS power output ( W) ; Battery backup time (T - h) ; Vbat - battery voltage ( 伏直流电) ,η - UPS battery inverter efficiency ( 0. 90 - 0. 95, according to the type selection) 。 Selection of K according to the following table: < < 1 h 1 h K discharge time h≤ 2h 2h<h≤ 4h 4h<h≤ 早上8点起早上8点起>
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