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by:KEBO      2020-04-20
Time is after the mains power UPS backup power supply to provide equipment, such as computers, maximum power supply time. Do you bring the equipment the main power, the greater the actual power supply the shorter the time. Backup time refers to the maximum rated power of the power supply time. Power backup time is determined by the energy storage device, with fully sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery as energy storage device, battery capacity size by & other; Ann hours throughout the &; The indicators, current discharge time is in accordance with the regulations. The same voltage of battery, Ann hours big capacity; The same hours of battery, high voltage large capacity, usually expressed as a voltage and Ann hours common battery capacity. Backup UPS built-in type 7 ah battery, the standby time is fixed; On-line UPS power supply has a built-in 7 ah battery standard, there are also outside with large capacity batteries long-acting type, the user can according to the need to implement the standby time and determine how much capacity of the battery. UPS power reserve time calculation formula: Cx0. 8× 笔÷ ( 16 * 12) X = 1) UPS battery series for A first you have to know the nose of the series UPS battery for A, this parameter is determined for each type of the nose A fixed value, is also A necessary condition, different models have different serial number. Serial number represents A set of batteries, A battery cabinet installed section for A battery. Generally speaking, there are 16, 20, 30, 32, etc. 2) Delay time t is the time delay for UPS, generally range from 10 minutes to 2 hours, there are even for eight hours. UPS within 2 hours with the increase of the battery, the value of delay time will be similar to proportional increase, if more than two hours, the increase of time delay is much lower than the increase of the battery, so the proposal on the choice of delay as far as possible control within 2 hours, so can greatly reduce costs, improve efficiency. 3) UPS capacity CUPS capacity that head load capacity. Units: KVA, active power KW and there is a difference between apparent power KVA capacity, generally take 0. 8.
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