Background - intelligent household industry power supply of demand

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
With the development of information technology, intelligent leap, UPS uninterruptible power supply systems are increasingly widely applied, UPS power supply in smart home application more and more recently, the current advanced technology of UPS power supply and the corresponding power supply system in intelligent household management and communication functions has reached a higher level. With the improvement of the level of national economy and science and technology, especially computer technology, communication technology, the rapid development of network technology, control technology and the enhancement, prompted the family to realize the modernization of life, safe and comfortable living environment. These high-tech has affected every aspect of people's life, has changed people's life habit, improve the quality of people's life and intelligent household is in this situation arises at the historic moment. Intelligent home control system based on HFC, Ethernet and fieldbus, public telephone network, wireless network transmission network as the physical platform of computer network technology as the technology platform, the fieldbus as an operating platform, form a complete set of family communication, family equipment automatic control, control system of family security, and other functions. Intelligent home control system of electric power is the intelligent household daily work with the important guarantee of operation, in the becoming an information based society development, intelligent household and the interconnection between age, lockout system for power supply does not reach the designated position, so the use of smart home can cause the loss of a certain extent. Therefore, the construction of electric power system is to ensure that the intelligent household are the important factors of normal operation.
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