Attention to detail - rack maintenance and maintenance

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
1, to avoid light server is running under constant temperature environment, direct sunlight can make the temperature inside the room, to display to have certain damage, shorten the service life of it. In the IDC and ISP room operation, not possible to see a glimmer of sunshine. So, in the sunlight through the Windows shows to the server room, had better have added a rule, that is to open the curtain and the window is prohibited. 2, dust prevention measures must complete some of the engine room server, because long time exposed to air, when accumulated to a certain amount of the dust in the air, the machine of the fan and so on began to strike overwhelmed; In the dust to enter, the hosts most equipment including the life of the motherboard, CPU, there is a big loss. So, under the condition of the room with conditions, best buy professional server rack. Management personnel before entering the room, on the foot on the best set of disposable dust cover or individuals dedicated clean slippers; The engine does not accept outsiders to visit. 3, pressure control, each server has a certain pressure under restrictions, even metal fuselage, pressure also to have certain restriction. Common tower server are mostly vertical body alone, does not generally involves pressure, will be in the form of horizontal layers, don't pile too much server. Therefore, in the setting of the specifications of the cabinet put, be sure to budget, do not place too much of a single barrier. 4, space control server space control, on the one hand, in order to better management, and a is the temperature and the heat dissipation problem. Server cluttered or cables are on display, and after scattered ark and underfloor wiring through careful maintenance work, can make the machine line location planning are in good order again, also has a line of control sequence, it easier for dealing with the parts issues.
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