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by:KEBO      2020-05-13
Computer room air conditioning is different from ordinary air conditioning design purposes, products different emphasis difference is as follows: 1. Common air conditioning for applicable object is therefore relatively more comfortable room air conditioning, low noise, low air volume, say again so comfortable air conditioning low wind speed. 2. In order to ensure the computer or server chip, good heat dissipation, reasonable and flow into the equipment of the air conditioning temperature fluctuation is not big, the constant temperature. Reasonable to prevent electrostatic generation chip surface humidity, temperature and humidity. Prevent dust on high-frequency chip attached carbide cause short circuit, namely clean 3. People suitable humidity range is bigger, does not need to consider humidification, air conditioning lower sensible heat 0. 67-7. 8. Computer room equipment stable humidity narrower and allowed range is small, the need when humidity lower humidifying compensation; Due to the infrared, wet film, ultrasonic humidification can carry pathogens, not suitable for resident staff room, use electrode humidification for humidifying more power consumption high running cost is higher. 4. The stability of different requirements. Comfort air conditioning is not necessity, low stability requirement, in order to make more people to use up, relatively low cost requirements. Room service equipment expensive, high cost of special air conditioning work is of great significance and uninterrupted work, high requirements for its stability.
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