Analysis the characteristics of the integration of outdoor cabinet -

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
A, 1, compared with the traditional advantages of integration of outdoor cabinet cabinet and computer room, the integration of outdoor cabinet cover an area of an area small, shorten the construction cycle, reduce the single point of failure path between the various functional modules, greatly improve the compatibility between the system at the same time, maximize the user computer room space utilization, to provide users with a more consistency, higher integration, higher administrative and extensibility of small intelligent computer system. 2, outdoor integration cabinet is mainly used for wireless communication base stations, power distribution, the urban traffic, a new generation of 4 g, communications, network integrated service access, transfer, exchange station, emergency communication transmission, etc. The thickness is greater than 1. 5 mm hot dipping zinc plate, the outer casing, internal assembly of metalworking parts and accessories. Inside the cabinet according to the functional divided into equipment module and the battery compartment. Box compact structure, convenient installation, sealed performance is good, and have the function of remote centralized management. Two, the characteristics of the integration of outdoor cabinet 1, smart cabinet can open a lock remote authorized permission, remote monitoring and record lock state, switch door lock and unlock information; 2, smart cabinet inside have a spare battery, power cases smart locks can be on standby for a month, can be normal during the lock; 3, smart cabinet for large capacity, open structure, more convenient internal equipment installation and maintenance; 4, provide external emergency power supply interface, power outages can be external to internal equipment power supply system for power supply. 5, the box body has many characteristics, such as dust, sunscreen, rainproof, omni-directional to adapt to the outdoor environment; 6, cabinet adopts ac air conditioning or heat or air conditioning semiconductor and direct the wind cooling, the cabinet in order to achieve constant temperature effect; 7, the standard dc power distribution unit (ac power distribution or Optional) ; 8, each cabinet is equipped with a dc 48 v lighting lamps and lanterns; 9, cabinet has power and environment monitoring function, can realize the power electricity, power failure, access control, temperature and humidity, smoke, water, such as battery voltage alarm and upload; ( Optional) 10, cabinet layout is reasonable, the cable is introduced into, fixed and grounded convenient operation, convenient maintenance; Using the cabinet into the line into the cable, power cable, signal wire and cable are independent of into line hole, will not interfere with each other; 11, the cables inside the cabinet use, gaskets, insulation cotton with flame retardant materials; 12, cabinet can adopt welding way, assembling way; ( Optional) 13, base station integrated outdoor cabinet with a standard 19 & rsquo; ’ Or 21 & rsquo; ’ The chassis. ( Optional) 14, 15 more simple and more efficient outdoor power supply scheme, simple, website building, system structure is compact, cabinet put oneself in another's position to support rapid assembling, support multiple energy input and output, site construction is simpler. 16, intelligence operations, support the comprehensive intelligent network energy monitoring, support mobile APP, operational support system more intelligent. 17, simple upgrade, power distribution, power, cooling, modular design, upgrade easier in the future. 18, efficient operation, equipped with the industry outstanding high efficient rectifier module, temperature control design and site level analysis of energy efficiency management, run more efficiently.
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