whole house lightning protection do not lose the electricity supply to your home this year

by:KEBO      2019-08-05
Let's imagine the heavy rain, the Thunder, and let you jump out of your sleep.You notice the lights flashing but they are on again so you say to yourself, "no problem" and then you go back to sleep.But you overslept the next morning and your alarm clock flashed at 12: 00.
\ "Unfortunately, you have always been the victim of what is called a surge in voltage.The voltage surge is an annoying and expensive example of the daily power supply interference that occurs in the home.Fortunately, in order to achieve surge protection for household appliances, you can take some action.
First of all, let me briefly talk about the two most common forms of power interference that affect you as a homeowner.Voltage drop: voltage drop when the motor is in heavyelectricity-The use of appliances and electrical equipment such as dishwashers, refrigerators and dryers is turned on, which greatly reduces the available energy of other equipment.Flashing lights are common symptoms of voltage drop.
Although the voltage drop is not a big problem, it may cause a lot of inconvenience, especially if the voltage drop is serious enough to cut off the power supply at home, that could trigger alarms, turn off, not to mention those.Voltage Surge: The most serious form of power interference is voltage surge.This short voltage rise can start inside or outside the home and can damage sensitive electronic devices such as computers, home entertainment centers and other expensive electronics.
Surge Protection is the solution: two types of surge protection can be used in the homeowners today.The most common form of surge protection is the surge suppression, which usually appears in the form of a power strip, which can handle surges up to 6,000 volts.On the other hand, the lightning arresters are installed in or near the home's main service panel and provide surge protection for up to 20,000 V voltage (such as lightning strikes.
Surge Suppression: surge suppression is designed to handle small surges that can occur hundreds of times a day in a typical home line, and when a device with a motor (such as a hair dryer) is turned off by the refrigerator itself.This will suddenly cause the energy consumed by these devices to be transferred elsewhere in the form of excessive voltage.When power companies switch power from one geographic area of the grid to another, and when supply and demand in that area change, the surge also occurs.
While they may never be strong enough to destroy electronic components, these frequent small surges can slowly break the insulation of the line, resulting in improper operation of the electronic equipment and premature wear and tear.Plugging your sensitive and expensive electronic devices into the surge inhibitor is a simple, cost-effective way to help your device last longer and work better.Hiring professionals: only professional, licensed electrical contractors can install the full House lightning arresters on the electrical service panel at home.
There are dozens of different brands, models and styles of lightning arresters on the market to provide you with surge protection, all of which are very different in price and quality.The type and size of the service panel, the capacity of the panel, and the number of electrical and electronic devices that need to be protected, all of which play a role in determining which lightning arresters should be installed.Talk to the experts about how to find the right model for you.
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