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by:KEBO      2019-08-01
Most people think that to start the import and export business, they need to buy products overseas with their own money, but this is only one way.The easiest way to export imports is to use other people's money.So, how to participate in import and export business?
1. you can start the import and export business with your own money. Most people think that buying products overseas with their own money depends on their own accounts.This is the most logical preferred way for most people.Buy the product, pay for it, get ownership of the item, import your purchased item into the country you want to sell it in, sell it, and then re-sell it.Two. import and export agency-If you are familiar with a specific country and put buyers and sellers together, especially if you have been there many times and already know what is produced there, where can you find suppliers of these products you can pass on your knowledge to others.For example, if you have been to Thailand many times and may have lived there before and know about Thai products, you can contact retail store buyers in the United States, in the city or other place where you live, offered to be his buyer, especially if he carries products from Thailand.In this case, the United StatesRetailers at headquarters may hire you to order the products he sells from Thailand.You will order the products in Thailand, put the goods together, pay for the products with your money instead of his money, and ship the goods to his store in the United States, his store name is the consignee on the shipping document.For Your Service, USA-base retailer-The importer pays you the agreed Commission.The amount of the Commission is negotiable, not a fixed percentage.The amount may depend on the time you put in the shipment, as well as the overhead costs associated with the process export, the fees that you will incur in your country of origin, need to travel to and from the manufacturer's factory or deal with the export shipping company.The retailer will be the importer and he will not only pay for the goods, but also for the preparation of export documents, packaging and actual international freight charges from Thailand of origin, wherever his store or warehouse is, can reach the destination.Your Commission may be a percentage of the total invoice amount, or it may be the amount negotiated between the two of you.In this case, you are using other people's money in addition to your expertise.We can start tomorrow.Obviously, if you have never been to Thailand, you may not want to serve as an import and export agent for Thai products.There are two basic variants of this participation.One described above, your Commission is paid by the importer you have worked.Again, however, when you are in Thailand, the Thai manufacturer may provide you with samples of his products to introduce to potential buyers in the US.In this case, you can come back from the last trip to Thailand as a representative of the manufacturer-Perhaps not an exclusive contract with a product representing him in the US, but understanding that if you find a buyer for his product, he may want to place an order, Thais --The manufacturer at headquarters will pay you the agreed Commission at the time of shipment.It is clear from these two examples that you can work with someone else's money, not just your own. Put the buyer and seller together, one or both of the parties can pay you commission, the buyer and seller and the method is the easiest way to start the import and export business.Three: import and export procurement agent you can work as an independent Import and Export Procurement contractor, participate in the import and export business, very similar to the above description, but take more responsibility throughout the import and export process.For example, a clothing store in the United States will hire you to find a manufacturer in Bali, Indonesia, to produce clothing according to their product design specifications.With the product drawings given to you by the retailer, you can find more than one potential manufacturer in Bali to prepare samples of products that will eventually be ordered by the retailer.Each manufacturer will prepare samples along with a quotation sheet showing discounts on quantity and delivery time.The retailer will select one of the suppliers you purchase based on product quality, price and delivery time and then ask you to award the contract to that supplier.You then have to supervise production, quality control, document preparation and pay for the goods with retailer's money instead of paying for the goods with your money, who will be the actual importer and consignee on the shipping documents.As mentioned above, the retailer will pay youImporters charge commissions, plus fees, and may remain on the list of offers available next time.Fourth: export freight brokers is an example of putting buyers and sellers together again based on the use of other people's money.In this example, a manufacturer in Thailand is providing a container for a product, such as a toy.The goods are ready for shipment and, regardless of the quality of each item in them, must be purchased as is.The goods may be various and may contain some attractive products, but they may also contain some products that are not too marginal, or even products that may be discontinued for a few seconds.Manufacturer-Exporters are looking for buyers.You are an agent who knows who may be interested and who is the buyer of such products.It may be a store in Miami, Florida or Berlin, Germany, or it may be a store in any other country where you know buyers of such products.Sample of seller you provideExport to buyer-importer.If the buyer agrees to purchase the container at an agreed price, you can process the entire sales transactionto-Use your bank in Denver or a bank anywhere you are in to provide a letter of credit.Buyers in Berlin pay you with a $40,000 L/C and once the funds settle your bank, your bank cuts the $30,000 L/C to the seller's bank in Thailand, you subtract the difference from the bank.Containers from Thailand to Berlin, Germany, not through the United StatesYou never have ownership of the goods.All you need to do is connect the seller with the buyer and broker.Needless to say, export goods can be represented by countless other brokers who will accept export offers from manufacturersExporter in Thailand.There is more import and export business.In fact, your import and export business can become a way of life, not a career, not a job!Start a lifestyle careerImport and export business!Thomas belchek has been an import and export business lecturer for CFU, Denver, Colorado since 1988.For more information on this topic, visit: Insider Guide for successful import from Third World and guide for running your own import business.
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