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by:KEBO      2019-10-11
Kohler 25-The horsepower engine is used to power lawn vehicles such as Cub Cadet lawn tractors.In addition, these Kohler engines power the battery and power the various functions of the lawn tractor (such as blade control and operating lights.However, they cannot do so if the Kohler engine does not charge the battery.
Your Kohler engine is connected to the battery through battery cables and wires.The main line is usually red, and the reverse side is black.Negative power as a basis.Charging will not pass to the battery if the wires cross.Damaged cables can also cause an arc or failure to charge.Over time, the battery terminals will also be corroded, interfering with the transmission of voltage to the battery.Clean the terminal and cable connection with a hard wire brush and baking soda.
The rectifier-The regulator on the engine adjusts the voltage from the engine to another power supply, such as the battery.Rectifier failure-The regulator will prevent the voltage from reaching the battery.If the rectifier is not properly grounded, the voltage may go out before reaching the battery.
The Kohler 25hp engine uses a flywheel magnet system to generate electricity.The magnet rotates on the flywheel and charges with electricity to provide voltage.If the magnet is not charged, then there is no power supply to your battery through the regulatorrectifier.Since the flywheel magnet is usually connected with glue, check the flywheel and make sure the magnet is still there.
There is also a fuse on the Kohler 25 HP engine.The fuse helps adjust the voltage stroke and protects other engine parts when they are overloaded.Fuse fusion means overload.If the conventional-optional fuseThe rectifier and the battery fuse and the electricity does not flow to the battery.
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