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by:KEBO      2019-10-12
Take your farm from 6-volt to 12-Volt upgrades electrical systems to industry standards.By doing so, it is easier for you to find parts for your tractor instead of having to look for antique parts.In addition, the older 6-Volt systems often fail at cold or freezing temperatures, 6-The Volt regulator cannot charge the battery at idle speed or at low engine speed.The conversion will also make your lights brighter.You don't need to re-wire the tractor, just replace a few key parts of the electrical system.There is some welding in this process.
After disconnecting the nut for fastening C-, unplug the negative battery cable from the negative terminalTerminal clip.Do the same for the positive line, but in order to avoid vibration, be sure to remove the negative line first.Unlock the wing nut that holds the battery in the battery mounting cage.Remove the 6-volt battery.Grind the battery bracket off the tractor frame.Weld the 12-The Volt battery is installed in its position.Place the 12-Install the volt battery on and fix the cage around.
By unscrewing the nut on the generator terminal, remove the two positive lines from the generator.Remove the generator from the generator bracket.Grind the generator bracket from the tractor frame and weld the AC generator/regulator bracket in the same position.Unscrew the bolts and secure the wires from the coil to the regulator.Remove the regulator from the bracket.Wear off the bracket on the tractor.
Connect the wire running from the coil to 12-Volt generator terminals with nuts.Running the main line from the battery to the AC generator.
Unscrew the light case and remove 6-The Volt bulb is pushed in and screwed into one-Rotate clockwise.Unscrew the screws that connect the lighting assembly to the lighting housing and use 12-V components.Put in the 12-Volt lamp and replacement lamp cover.Replace the 6-12 volt fuseThe hand of the Volt fuse.
Connect the negative battery cable to 12-Negative terminal of Volt battery.
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