where can i buy an inverter No holidays or hot showers: Everything Jo Nemeth gave up to live without money

by:KEBO      2019-08-26
The cost of buying or renting a property has reached the knee, which is no longer a secretFlexion ratio.
But what if you could avoid the whole society and not only give up on mortgage or rent payments, but also the need to spend money?
Life without cash and cards sounds like an impossible dream for most of us.
This is the new normal.
More than two years ago, Nemeth resigned from work, rented houses, cars and bank accounts, and built a farm with abandoned building materials at a friend's farm in koonoriginal, north of new state.
"We were her former partner, and now we are.Adult daughterxa0I live an idyllic life, but I am at work and under a lot of pressure, I see all the damage I do to the Earth, what I do to others has a great impact on me, "said Nemet, 48.
"I think, at least if I stop buying things, I will reduce my influence and I will not put a burden on the planet," the former community development official said .".
Nemet is also deeply concerned about the social impact of her purchases, especially the damage caused to large supply chains.
"You know we have child slavery, someone is driven out of their land, someone is working in factories in developing countries in dangerous situations.
Her first step in making moneyFree reached a laid back agreement with friends who agreed to let her live on their land for a year in exchange for helping grow vegetables.
She used the hot shower to change the cold bucket to wash, the modern toilet to change the stack toilet, the washing machine to change the hand wash, and the kitchen to change the hand washBuilt a rocket stove.
Before closing the bank account (she also had a small pension), Nemet bought a solar panel, a battery and an inverter to say goodbye to the electricity bill forever.
"This is a very, very small system that is enough to charge my laptop and my phone and light up the lights," she said .".
After the recent flooding in Lismore forced her to move, Nemet parked her father's hand-made carriage in a friend's backyard north of Lismore.In exchange, she turned the yard into an oasis of free food.
If there is no heating, it may be cold in the depths of winter.But nemette can always snuggle under a blanket with her laptop and library DVD.
Using Wi-The Fi at home, like a phone call, is not stuck-she visits it at the library or at a friend's home.
When she set up the latest vegetarian garden, Nemeth said she was getting food by helping vendors at the local organic farmers market by hitchhiking back to a friend's farm every week to help.
She is also open to any food thrown away by friends or family."If they have flour, they have Elephant nose worms inside.xa0I took that out and screened it out.
Nemette exchanged or donated more clothes than she knew what to do.It's not a big holiday."I don't think about holidays right now because my life is very cruel and fun," she said .".
Before leaving the rat race, Nemeth, together with her dentist, set up a fund that is now down to $700.
There are clear challenges along the way like no hot shower.Then, this life choice has an impact on her personal life.
"I recently realized that I had sacrificed one thing and I gave up doing it, that is my relationship with a man I love," she said .".
Challenges aside, the change is very positive, she said.
Nemet is afraid "to return to that rich life, I have to find a job and live a normal life ".
"I have this incredible sense of freedom-I wake up in the morning and don't know what I will do on this day, I don't know which friends I will hang out with and who will come and see me, what will I build or create.
"You know it's exciting and I feel full of this feeling of freedom and excitement.
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