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With motherboard manufacturers producing their products based on the same chipset, how can our consumers differentiate their products from those of their competitors?Of course, it's one thing to understand the theory of how new technologies connect together on the motherboard, but it's another thing to know where you're going to physically pop up the processor, memory, and expansion cards.This is handled by the ATX specification and is now in version 2.2.Although it is very dull, it is very important and specifies some key things, such: the size of the motherboard, the location of the mounting hole, the power connection, the power level, the physical positioning of the Assembly, the connection color, etc.Maybe boring, but it would be confusing if the vendor decided to put these things anywhere they liked.Although ATX has avoided multiple attempted coups since 1996, including Intel's BTX, which was launched in 2003, mainly due to soaring power output from the old p4.It provides optimized airflow, larger radiator and motherboard areas, and dedicated lowShape Design.But with the disappearance of P4, any reason for the increase in BTX costs is gone.We met-Increase the drive to reduce power consumption and improve efficiency: the technology used by the laptop motherboard can reduce the idle North Bridge Power to less than 1 w, although the desktop system board in the whole run will consume at least 40 w compared to 10-20 W laptop.The VIA mini-The desktop ITX motherboard is balanced in this regard and usually consumes 10-15 W in idle, usually less than 20 W in full load, but for players or anyone who wants to perform other intensive tasks, this is hardly a realistic option.Part of the problem is power regulation, which pulls the 12 v line down to about 1.The processor is 5 v.Like the PSU efficiency, the motherboard has the same problem.A lot of noise.Phase voltage regulators: While we are sure they do smooth the voltage technically, they don't seem to have any real effect.Similarly, new energy regulation modules such as Gigabyte DES or Asus EPU claim to be able to adjust voltage and clock speed more effectively.These do affect power consumption and can affect 10 w or more when fully loaded.Although the market has shrunk over the past few yearsAs a result of being marginalized, NVIDIA acquired ULi and names such as Ali and SiS also entered the background --There are still a lot of options if you want a new motherboard.Higher level integration means you can get more with your money;When the budget is high today, the budget board is full of featuresThe terminal board is full of exotic add-ons, reaching a level of confusion and meaningless.Intel is still the leading chipset supplier: about half of the motherboards in the world have Intel internal boards.It is also a technology leader, bringing new developments on the motherboard of the new chipset, such as PCIe v2, SATA 2.Since p4 came out, it has been using the memory controller hub (MCH) as the I/O controller hub (ICH) for North and South Bridge ideology ).ICH9 is currently the mainstream Intel South Bridge, supporting up to 12 USB 2.0, 6 SATA, 2 eSATA and dual gigabit network ports plus high-Define audio and six separate PCIe channels.Additional options for hardware RAID and Turbo memory can be provided.ICH10 just becomes available, but there is nothing to add to the party: you should notice that there is no PATA channel at all.Robson technology, now the brand Turbo Memory, should have improved drive performance, but the realThe results of the world are disappointing.ICHl0 introduces user locking, so applications can be stored permanently in flash memory.This could be an interesting development, but products like Asus Express Gate allow you to launch into a virtual device environment (VAE) with a basic GUI, which makes it a bit eclipsed, browser based on Firefox 2.0 and Skype VolP clients are provided in less than 6 seconds by a compact Linux distribution.This \'instant-On \ 'OS provides many advantages: it is able to run On a computer where the hard disk does not exist or fails, and is not vulnerable to malware attacks because the system is mainly read-only.Asus, already a feature of Eee Box and nine other products, will expand Express Gate to its entire range in 2009.Intel\'s high-The end option maintains the X range;The X48 is the only motherboard that officially supports the 1600FSB, and is available for the versions of the Xeon and Core 2 Extreme.In reality, however, most of the available X38 motherboards can actually provide this support, as well as the XMP used to enhance memory performance profiles.Two l6 models are also available-Lane PCIe v2 slot for cross fire support.The new P45 that replaces the p35 can also adopt a similar situation.At least it does introduce PCIe v2 and has the option to support three graphics slots, but since it is positioned as a mainstream chipset, it is hardly needed at this point.If your module supports it, Intel XMP memory technology will mean you can get the best performance from those modules.NVIDIA has been committed to providing both Intel and AMD options.Currently its top 790i Super SLIIntel's high-end chipset, with: PCIe v2, supports two full 16-Lane graphics slot and third PCIe vl 16-Support lane slots, Xeon for 2000 MHz and 1600FSB.The included MCP South Bridge offers 12 additional PCIe channels, dual Gigabit ports, 10 USB ports, high6 SATA and 2 PATA ports and even a PCI bus.Unlike the Intel chipset, NVIDIA has chosen onlyend.This process provides NVIDIA dynamics SLI-Ready memory technology that supports EPP memory.For those who need support for the DDR2, the 780i still offers triple SLi in a configuration that is basically similar to the 790i and 50 I, and supports PCIe vanilla PCIe v2 SLi.With the AMD series chipset, NVIDIA's full range of motion integrated graphics cards-DirectX 10, HDMI and HDCP-compatibility.We speculated that when things get busy, the lack of a memory controller on the North Bridge would help as if there was a spare room in the house.780a is its heightEnd option, support three-way SLi -Again, via two PCIe v2 and one v1 16-lane slots.Strangely, the support of the SLi is suspended on the South Bridge, which is the only thing it does.There is usually a South Bridge connection on the North Bridge, providing 12 USB 2, 6 SATA, 2 PATA and gigabit ports, and high-Define audio and three other PCIe v1 channels.For mid-and entry-The NVIDIA 8300/8200 chipset is the perfect choice for top buyers.These are all single chipset solutions with the same features as 780a but only one 16-in addition to graphics speed-PCIe v2 slot.By using on-board graphics to speed up graphics or power-saving Hybrid SLi functions, this is balanced to some extent.The hybrid mode is only for 8400GS and 8500GT cards, which makes sense for low levelsend options.What about AMD?It's still pushing its highs.End 700 chipset and rename the aging Xpress 3200 and Xpress 1600 ranges to 580X and 480X to eliminate any confusion with IntelCompatible peers.The high-End 790FX (launched at the End of 2007) is still a powerful feature --house.It supports two physical CPU slotsrare in real-life -In addition to 42 PCIe v2 channels, 4 are supportedThrough two full 16-lane and two 8-lane slots.Oh, and two Gigabit ports.Yes, it's a pretty big feature-North Bridge heavy.Oddly enough, it is typically paired with a relatively weak SB600 South Bridge, offering only four SATA ports, four PCIe v1 channels, RAID, two PATA channels, and 10 USB 2.0 ports.Happily, the SB700/750 replaces this with six SATA ports, eSATA support, 14 USB ports, and support for hybrid flash drives.For more mid-AMD's 790X series system supports two physical crossfire slots and a new 780G.This last chipset has received much attention for its integrated graphics and offers features similar to those of the NVIDIA 8300/8200 chipset.The hybrid crossfire works with HD2400 or HD3450 graphics card, and the 3D speed is increased by about 50.These will remain in the market for some time.New high-Terminal options such as the Intel X58 and AMD 800 series are using new sockets and better memory support, but until early 2009.
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