voltage stabilizer for home The Proper Voltage for Operating an Air Conditioner

by:KEBO      2019-11-25
voltage stabilizer for home The Proper Voltage for Operating an Air Conditioner
There are two types of household air conditioners: one is the overall household central air conditioner, which is usually combined with the central heating system, and the other is the window unit designed to cool each room.The two appliances require different voltages to work properly.Even a small air conditioner puts pressure on the home electrical system.Central air conditioning needs 220-volt or 240-Dedicated circuit for operation.When the central air conditioner is activated, it may need up to 5,000 watts of electricity, which makes it one of the largest consumers of electricity in the home.The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is measured by British thermal units (BTUs) or "tons."The larger the number of BTUs or tons, the greater the cooling power of the unit.Larger units also require more power.Buying a unit too big for your home will waste power and cause the unit to wear out faster.Window air conditioner at 110/120-V or 220/240-Depending on the cooling capacity, the volt model.Units designed to cool a small room, such as a bedroom, usually provide 15,000 BTUs, usually at a smaller standard of 110/120-Volt power socket.Due to its high power consumption, you should not have any other devices on the circuit in order to avoid overload.Window units greater than 15,000 BTUs may require 220/240 dedicated circuits.Many families do not have 220/240Volt circuits, as standard equipment in living spaces, must be added by qualified electricians.This could take between $500 and $1,500 from the date of release, depending on the type of home, location and work that must be done, according to Bill Ferreira of San Francisco Ferreira electric.All window air conditioners provide the necessary information about electrical requirements for unit packaging.Like the central unit, buying a window unit that is too big will waste energy and money.The specifications of individual air-conditioning units illustrate the size of the area in which they cool.For example, an AC device that cools 120-square-In rooms 10 feet wide and 12 feet wide, the walking area is the best.By matching your room or home size to the equipment specifications, you can choose the air conditioner of the right size.Other factors you might consider are the number of windows and the amount of insulation.If there is more heat in the window, you need a larger unit.A poorly insulated home allows cold air to escape faster and may require a larger window unit.Trained technicians can help you determine the right central air conditioning equipment as needed.
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