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by:KEBO      2019-09-28
When the ...It uses the primary stage of industry...Just to ignite the fuel inside the engine.By the end of 1920, the electric starter replaced the electric hand crank...When the automotive industry is in its infancy, it uses only electricity to ignite fuel inside the engine.By the end of 1920, the electric starter replaced the hand shake, the electric headlights made the acetylene lamp obsolete, and the brakes of the electric horn flooded the squeaking of the hand.Compressed air hornToday, the car only needs a complex circuit system to produce, store and distribute all the power needed for its daily operations.The first major component in the electrical system is the battery.The battery is used to store the start-up power supply and to run auxiliary equipment such as clocks, radios and alarms when the engine is turned off.The next main component is to start the motor for starting the engine.The third component is an engine-driven charging device called an AC generator.When the car is driving, it supplies power to the electrical system and restores the charge inside the battery.With these basic components, the car can maintain the power supply.A device called a voltage regulator keeps the power level stable, and the fuse box prevents small problems from becoming a big problem.Many different auxiliary electrical devices are used in modern cars, such as: radio, mobile phone, rear window defroster and electric door lock. And a variety of motors driven down from the moon roof.The above information comes directly from the Auto Insight program, which you can purchase online from Asked Questions: batteries are usually the first part of system wear.Most batteries last 3 to 7 years according to the brand and design.The battery can run out of power in a few minutes and the next day.More will be introduced later.Fuse blown: Does a part of the electrical system not work like an internal light or a dashboard light?The first thing to check is the fuse.Under the dashboard, in the glove box, and even in the engine compartment of some cars, look for the fuse panel.Most fuse boxes are marked by circuits.Modern cars use rectangular, transparent Blade fuses.Look for the wire that goes through the fuse to see if it burns through.Any discoloration of the fuse is a good sign of the fuse.If you have questions, replace with a new fuse and the test system is not working.AC generator: Is your car starting normally? But when you turn empty, your headlights go dark.Maybe the AC generator is broken.When the alternator cannot generate enough power to keep the power system running, the battery will have to be used to make up for the shortfall.This will eventually run out of battery and will not allow your car to start.Troubleshoot: I don't think there is a system on your car that is more difficult to troubleshoot than charging/starting the system.This is because there are a lot of things that can go wrong and it is difficult to test some components without special equipment.Let's review some of the possible situations and their possible causes.The car won't start, all I hear is clicking but the engine doesn't turn.Check first if all battery cables are corroded as this will prevent the free flow of the power supply to the start-up system.If they are dirty, clean with a brush and reconnect.Apply a light grease on the top of the terminal to prevent further corrosion.OBattery cannot store enough power to spin the engine.This may be caused by a bad battery in the battery or a bad alternator that does not charge the battery while the engine is running.If you can send the car to the mechanic, let him or her test the battery and charging system with a dedicated tester.The tester places the load on the battery and can judge the situation.They can also check whether the full potential of the AC generator has been fulfilled.It may be bad.If you can't start the car and all the battery cables are OK, then suspect the starter.The car couldn't start, I didn't hear anything.Check the battery cable as described above.Test the battery.There may be a bad cell that causes a short circuit.You can try it.Start but usually the car doesn't keep running.The car couldn't start, all I heard was a terrible grinding noise.The starting of the OGrinding noise point is not properly engaged flywheel.This may be caused by a bad solenoid or a bad point on the flywheel.
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