voltage regulator wiring electrical tips and tricks while on the road!

by:KEBO      2019-09-29
The Campervan electrical system must start the battery and operate the electrical equipment when it is still.When you consider renting a camper, be prepared in advance --of-Calculate the time of power demand compared to available power.Conducting these assessments "before" will provide a better, more relaxed and comfortable camping experience.If you are new friends in Australia and New Zealand, take the time to study the electricity.Different countries have different electricity standards.An easy trick to learn about voltage in Australia and New Zealand is to go to the local store to check the bulbs and the voltage options are listed on the bulbs.Also check the electrical plug-ins.Plug in Australia and New ZealandTwo apartments in InsBlade facing up frontDownward V with a third vertical planeBlade facing the ground.If your device has different plugs, you should be able to purchase the converterin types.A key difference between the power supply of ordinary cars and car fleets is that the car mainly uses electricity to start the battery and requires a high current in a short period of time;A few minutes later, the AC generator replaced the battery to power the radio, lights and fans.When it is still, the demand for electricity is very limited.On the other hand, campervan requires electricity when starting the vehicle and not moving.For campers who want to "boondock" without using many appliances or equipment, the power system is not important.Other people who can connect to 240-The Volt main power supply or has a large generator of 10 KW, can also have all the amenities of their ordinary family in their camper, such as air conditioning.Camcampervan must have a battery that provides two functions-Short time to start the vehicle and high charge for a long timeLong break electricity-Or two batteries, each with two functions.The voltage regulator is also important because it is designed to keep the battery charged in large capacity.The smaller campers have limited power systems;Some people don't have enough air conditioning power.Without air conditioning, campers should not use too many appliances that generate a lot of heat.Common appliances like small refrigerators, electric lights, radios and fans can be easily managed by small campers.For long holidays, it is wise to estimate the type and time you will be using different appliances and equipment.Then multiply the hourly amplifier used every day.Add this up and you have electricity demand every day.Another common problem with the use of Campervan power is to connect the cable.Normally, the plug and socket amplifier must match.Australian Caravan Park is required to provide pillars-mounted 15-Amp socket.New requirements allow 10-Amp cable plug will be 15-amp socket.It is important to use safety equipment such as circuit breakers and "residual current equipment" (RCDs) to prevent current spikes.
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