voltage and current regulator IC 7805 Voltage Regulator

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All electronic circuits.

7805 for voltage regulation.It provides a constant voltage output for a variety of different input voltages.
Why is IC 7805?

7805 belongs to the 78 XX family.It is also known as LM 7805, L 7805, MC 7805, etc.The last two digits (05) represent the output voltage of the IC.

7805 IC is used for voltage regulation in electronic circuits.It is a three-pin IC that provides a constant output voltage of 5 v no matter how the input voltage changes.The maximum input voltage that the IC can withstand is 24 volts.The output of the IC will be a constant 5 v until the input voltage of 24 v (I.e.

7805.Even if the input voltage is higher than 5 V, it will always provide a constant 5 V voltage.

7805 with the terms of adding the radiator.

7805 working above 7 V, need radiator.When it runs above 7 volts, it generates more heat, and the radiator is strictly required to properly dissipate heat.
Why do electronic circuits need voltage regulation?

7805 is used to maintain steady-state voltage levels in electronic circuits.Voltage fluctuations in the circuit may damage the circuit components and reduce the life of the equipment.Therefore, it is essential to provide a constant voltage to the circuit.
For example, we need to provide Vcc (5 v) to the micro controller ).If we supply the required voltage directly from the rectifier, any voltage change will directly affect the micro-controller, thus damaging the micro-controller.

The 7805 to the circuit provides a constant and stable voltage output.
Pin output configuration for IC 7805.

7805 as shown in the figure.

7805 must be used in the circuit as shown in the circuit.It consists of two capacitors C1 and C2, which are connected to the input and output respectively.
Why connect the capacitor on the input and output of 7805?
The capacitor C1 connected through the input and ground eliminates the induction effect due to the long distributed leads.The transient stability is improved by the capacitor C2 connected by the output and ground.
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