volt control Sterling Garage Furnace Information

by:KEBO      2019-11-22
volt control Sterling Garage Furnace Information
Heating, ventilation and air in addition to pipe furnaces, unit heaters and others-GG furnace from Sterling as all air conditioning productsin-A heating and distribution equipment.GG model is positioned as a residential heater-Used to be called a garage man.-Meet Intertek's safety standards for electrical test labs or ETL, home garage operations, but Sterling notes that you can also use the device in a commercial and industrial environment.The low-The profile furnaces of the gbp gg line all rely on tube heat exchangers and fire orders-Orifice burner.According to Sterling, the tubular design encourages uniform heat transfer and maximizes durability due to the fact that the tube is curved rather than welded.GG can accommodate standard and separate combustion ventilation;It also accommodates vertical or horizontal ventilation of Class I or Class III, including air ventsB vents, forced vents and side wall vents.The unit has a direct spark ignition system and an internal electronic control board to adjust its operation.Sterling GG garage furnaces each have 115-volt, 60-Built-in Hertz fan motorOverload protection.A 120-to-24-The power inlet of the voltage control transformer regulating unit.Twenty-The tube heat exchanger of GG is composed of standard aluminum-plated steel, while 20-The inside of the equipment is equipped with gauge baking enamel cabinet.Burner box made of 321 steel--A stable steel-Around the burner.Thermal efficiency ratings for all GG-Series garage furnaces range from 82 to 83%.On-board digital display interface with Sterling GG internal electronic control board, delivering simple trouble shooting information.These units are simple-Access control panel, configurable to right-hand or left-hand access.In addition, Sterling provides a large number of optional equipment for the GG series, including complete motor housing, stainless steel flue collector, ventilation hood, pressure regulator and combustion air inlet kit for separating combustion devices, burn using external air.Any GG units purchased from the manufacturer include 10-year heat-Switch warranty.The unit sizes of the GG series range from 30 to 120, as shown in model names such as "GG045" and "GG120.These numbers represent Btu or UK heat unit inputs from 30,000 to 120,000.A Btu represents the energy needed to heat or cool a pound of water at 1 F.Although the GG030 and GG045 models have 1/20-The horsepower motor and GG060 and GG075 units have 1/12-The horsepower motor of the GG090, gg600 and GG120 garage heaters relies on 1/10-Horsepower Motor.The department ranges from 9/16 inch in height between 13 inches and 23 60, weighing 110 pounds.If you plan to install GG as a stand-alone combustion unit, Sterling offers a compatible concentric vent kit.The GG Series is suitable for natural gas or propane gas, and the equipment includes a gas conversion kit when purchasing new equipment.
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