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by:KEBO      2019-10-12
T8.0d1005 programmable thermostat, Tradeline replacement model for Honeywell T8112D, control sheet-Stage heating and air-Adjustment system using 24-Voltage control circuit.The t8.0d1005 does not operate multi-stage systems such as heat pumps.The LED screen of the t8.0d1005 continuously displays the temperature, time and date.Its \"5-2 \ "programmable features allow users to create separate settings for work days and weekends.Typically, technicians install Honeywell Tradeline t8.0d1005-on the inner wall close to the air-Air inlet of air conditioning system.
Turn off the circuit breaker that controls the air-Internal unit of air conditioning system.Typically, circuit breakers for internal units use the "furnace" or "air processor" labels.Circuit breakers with "air conditioning" usually operate an external unit called a condenser.Please turn off two circuit breakers if in doubt.
Low tail t8.0d1005The voltage wire on the wall.The line group contains four colors-Coded insulated wire.
Remove 1/2 of insulation from each low endWire strands using wire stripping machine.Use a needle to bend the stripping end of each thread into a hooknose pliers.
Push the low-The voltage wire passes through the large hole in the center of the t8.0d1005 mounting plate.Lean the mounting plate against the wall.Mark the mounting hole of the mounting plate on the wall with a pencil, these two slots are located near the side of the mounting plate.Remove the mounting plate.
Use a cross screwdriver to make the hole by making two holes in the wall marked with a pencil.Slide one of the wall anchors of the t8.0d1005 into each hole.
Insert the low-The high voltage line in the large hole on the mounting base of the t8.0d1005.Place the mounting base against the wall, align the mounting hole of the base with the wall anchor.Slide the mounting screw of the thermostat through the mounting hole of the plate into the wall anchor.Tighten the mounting screws using a slotted screwdriver.
Use a slotted screwdriver to loosen the wire terminal screw for the t8.0d1005.The letter next to each terminal identifies its function.
Red Locationcolored, low-The Velcro line hook with the "R" label on the t8.0d1005 terminal screw.Tighten the terminal screws.The red wire supplies power to the t8.0d1005.
Slip the green-colored, low-The Velcro line hook under the t8.0d1005 terminal screw with the "G" label.Tighten the terminal screws.The green wire sends power from the thermostat to the fan relay of the furnace.
Slide the hook on yellowcolored, low-The sewing line around the "Y" terminal screw of t8.0d1005.Tighten the terminal screws.When starting, the yellow wire opens the relay or contactor of the cooling circuit.
White locationcolored, low-The sewing line hook under the "W" terminal screw of t8.0d1005.Tighten the terminal screws.The white line controls the heating circuit of the furnace.
Low Push Super-Wire on the wall.
Align the label at the bottom of the t8.0d1005 surface with the label at the bottom of the mounting plate.Align the top of the thermostat surface with the top of the mounting plate.
Open the t8sfp d1005 battery door and function switch located on the left side of the LED screen.Slide the slotted screwdriver or coin into the slot under the door.Press the latch of the slot to lift the door on the thermostat.
Install two AA batteries in the battery slot.Close the battery door.
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