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by:KEBO      2019-11-14
38-year-old Mo Collins stands on the open screen door of her shiny 1953 Aljoa athlete campers watching her 8-year-The old son Coran walked through the woods with a group of other children.She felt comfortable because he was safe and she returned to the pink felt floor of her aluminum and birch --Wooden trailer, Tiki-Theme curtains, pour yourself a cup of coffee.Of course, this year is not 1953;it's 2003.Collins is an actress on Fox's show crazy TV, and her husband, 38-year-old musician Jimmy Enlund is one of the more and more retro actorsCamper's fans, as Stu debarks and Packers were driving on the highway, were using rolling stock built behind to find their way to the American Road.While 1950's modernist enthusiasts have turned the airflow into a wellThe well-known design icons, other trailers, names like silver stripes, Vagabond and spartannett, are less well known.Sometimes much cheaper than modern peers, in many cases they usually have amazing handmade birch interiors, micro-Fike and Marvel refrigerator with pullHandle and porcelain-Porcelain oven and oven.With a little money and ingenuity, they can also have almost all the modern conveniences you want.If you want it.Television producer John Anderson says the TrailBlazer's appeal, and the top of his 1948 Westcraft tram seems to be able to roll off the parking lot, "your lifestyle is 40 and 50."But, in fact, everything from wires to paneling is replaced.Hidden behind retro style-Like a porcelain bathroom sink, antique iceBox door and shiny paint cabinet--Modern Refrigerator, 12-to 120-Six volt power systemA gallon of hot water tank and a fully modern waterholding system.Anderson found a $600 camper on the Canadian side of the road, and although he had not yet installed solar panels, it was also connected.(He drew a line on TV: The trailer had only one historically correct AM radio.) To share their passion for vintage trailers, the owners gathered during weekend camping, as Anderson and Collins attended last month at Anaheim (Orange County) RV Park.At many rallies, families will not only show up with an old camping trailer, but also with an old-fashioned car, such as the 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Stop in the air near the Canyon RV Park, 1959 Mercury Voyager carriages and 1938 REO fire trucks.The old-Style trailers and cars take up about 40 spaces, in an amazing contrast to the modern caravan giant, which takes up most of the huge oak buildingCamp with shadowsCraig Dorsey, the organizer of the rally, runs a trailer repair company called "vintage holidays", where he is alone --bedroom, two-Bass 1949 Vagabond freedom coach, who found it on EBay and bought it for $463."I didn't set out to make it perfect," Dorsey said ."."The only purpose is to put it down in Julian," a town in the San Diego mountains, with 90-acre, 120-Website retro travel trailer resort, "so we can go there on weekends and have our cottage on the Hill."Dorsey used to be the artistic director of TV commercials, but he didn't start living off fixing trailers.He bought his first trailer, a small "canned ham" model of 1956 (named so because the shell is similar to time --The honor of Hemel tin), spent several hundred dollars in 1996 to fix it in his spare time.He said he had never used the trailer and at the end he took it to an exchange where he was surprised to get $3,500.Then one day he said, "he works with the director in hell ."."This is one of the situations where I just got unpacked.I walked up to the producer and shook his hand and said, "I'm done.I called my wife and said, "Honey, I'm going to fix the trailer.Dorsey said that while his wife was not very happy with the idea, his business grew during the four and a half years of opening a store in Anaheim.He said that so far he has repaired more than 40 trailers in part or in full, and is close to the amount of work he can't handle himself.Dorsey is recovering at an amazing silver stripe for nearly $200,000 with a Bose tablet for $9,000-TV surroundsound system;Freshwater and sewage pools;Stainless steel shower and toilet;Modern Refrigerator (vintage thoughlooking door);Full inverter for 120 power supplyVolt electric appliance;Heating and air conditioning."You will get the same thing at the Prevost Car House," he said .".In the trailer, Steven Butcher, a partner of Ventura restoration company called "funky garbage farm", recently repaired a 1948 Westcraft for use by a flying fisherman.It has a DVD system with all the components running at 2,000-watt, battery-Electric inverter."I like to mix new technologies with old ones," he said .""You can even add solar panels to run your inverter.It looks like 1940 before you open the cabinet."In the trailer for Collins and England share, Butcher pulled up the worn-out felt floor, confirmed that the skirting wood below was intact, and then laid a new pink coat --The colored felt he said was very close to the original pattern.To increase authenticity, he carefully aged it with a powerful sander.Of course, not everyone does.Matt and Genevieve Barrington bought their 12-Noble low foot 1965-The liner costs $1,000 and spends about $1,200 more on paint and replacing worn-out wood products, doing the job yourself."We don't have big and beautiful wood interiors," Buffon said .".Instead, we are completely atomic."Now their two children have become fans of medieval design.On one occasion, the family drove to San Diego for a modernist exhibition, Buffon said, "Our children would stand outside and say, 'Would you like to see our trailer? '?This is a huge blow."Many years.Trailer owners, the biggest problem is parking in one place.Tony milltenberg, 60, parked several camper cars in Dorsey and was enjoying a cup of coffee, a shiny 1958 streamlined.She and her husband Chuck fixed the trailer on their own after paying $4,000 on EBay.Now they have two more trailers.-A 1950-inch Westerner craft corondo and a 25-Silver stripe.Camping on weekends like this, people from an old-Vintage trailer to the other and marvel at the perfect feature 50-year-Old fridges, matching original curtains and old copies of Living magazines, and home theater systems run by solar inverters hidden in cabinets.But Collins says the real appeal of the trailer is much simpler."You can feel the fun that's happening there," she said .".Birch Wood smells like a campfire for 50 years.
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