use of voltage regulator Why Does the Battery Keep Dying on My Riding Mower?

by:KEBO      2019-11-22
use of voltage regulator Why Does the Battery Keep Dying on My Riding Mower?
Riding a lawn mower usually depends on 12-Similar to the smaller version of the volt battery used in the car.A few lawn mowers for 6-Battery instead.Regardless of size, the battery of the mower will generate the power needed to start the engine at startup.Once the engine turns and runs, the mower's charging system ensures that the battery has enough power to turn the engine again.The electrical system of the mower drives any part of the machine, such as a horn or headlights, when the mower is running.These components are powered by batteries when the engine is turned off.If when you switch the ignition switch of the mower to the "off" position, any of these parts remain on, the battery will continue to power them.Once you have finished cutting the grass, simply put the key in the "on" position is enough to drain the battery.The next time you want to start the mower, it will not have enough power to start the engine.The white powder case around the battery Post or terminal is a sign of trouble.Corrosion doesn't necessarily mean the battery is dead, but it does mean it's time to check the battery.One problem is that the cable they connect to the battery Post is loose.A loose connection makes the battery work harder, thus draining its power faster.Cleaning the post and tightening the connection should update the charging capacity of the battery.The bigger problem is that the battery box is broken.The gas emitted by the battery leaks through cracks and immediately reacts with the metal battery column, resulting in corrosion.The only remedy for a broken battery case is a replacement.The service life of the mower battery is about four years.When the battery life is over, the battery cannot hold the charge for a long time.The electric storage capacity of the mower battery is not large, so even if the power drops slightly, it may cause a start-up problem.Typically, when the mower is not in use, the mower battery can remain charged for three to four weeks.Old batteries that do not charge for a long time may fail and therefore may need to be replaced.The alternator and voltage regulator are part of the electrical system that charges the mower's battery.If the parts fail, the next time you run the mower, replacing them may restore the power to the battery.If the parts are good, please make sure to run the mower at full speed when cutting grass.The mower is designed to run at full speed to achieve the rpm required to charge the battery.A reduction in the speed of only 10% will result in a sharp decrease in the effectiveness of the mower battery charging system.As a result, the battery may die during mowing.
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